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good finishing. nice fittings. after fitting thi in beams ss300 exhaust there is no trouble when ride in the town. love to deal with webike

Exhaust End is less than 52 mm. There was one who attached 51 mm when examining with Net, 52 mm was chosen as a bad source from writing that it was good even 52 mm because there is a little gap.
So, when I tried on it, I can not get into it. Thin skin Quantity : 1pc. As it seems good to peel off, I decided to shave the surface lightly with Thunder.
As the sound became Large, I installed End Baffle, but the volume dropped as expected.
Sound quality is not a problem. I was thinking about returning to NORMAL.
Products can be selected in 1 mm increments.
I am very satisfied..

The volume of the standard 19φ did not feel like changing the muffler, and it was not good to get out of high rotation, so buy 22φ and 25φ long. 22φ has a feeling that the volume has increased and the muffler changed. I think it is safe even at home early in the morning or at midnight home. I think that it is the best if you use it for commuting as well. 25φ further raises the volume and uses a bit of mind early in the morning and late at night. The low and medium speed are the same for both 22φ and 25φ, so the highest speed is 25φ higher so I am using 25φ. I use a short baffle if only the volume, but I do not want to drop the low and medium speed torque.

It will be super quiet.
Although pulling as it pulls while accelerating,
Idling and running will be quiet.
Torque at low speed comes out, and the running changes.

When I changed Shaffle's Baffle, I used this product because it was an explosion. The effect was absolutely Large, and it turned into an elegant sound quality. If the attached needle gold is a little longer it is none to say.

Because it was a Trickster's Slip-on Silencer explosion with ZrX 1200 Zr X 1200 DAEG, I made it to S Size of S wall. The diameter is 60 φ. w Since it seemed that the wall did not enter
The installation was very easy.
Originally it was an explosive, so quietly after all it is not quiet just by this I feel the volume is down.
I wish S Size would like Long to come out.
It is a matter of time that complaints come when this sound is because the Idling sound is bad and it is a private house. Is not there any good Inner baffle?
It will be a time problem that Touring and being caught by White Bye
Also, although it may be irrelevant, FILamp occasionally arrives after this attachment - I will look for a while looking at the situation.

Installation is easy.
However, I was hoping for a more powerful sound.
I cuddled the Inner pipe secretly. I was satisfied.

I use it for Short Exhaust, but I am not dissatisfied.
What's cool. Glass Wooletc. There is nothing to say if it is attached, but because the price is cheap ...
The sound is explosive.