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Please never buy it.
Because something does not suit the air zipper 22.

Since it is longer than what is attached to the in-vehicle tool etc., a plug thinks that it is easy to use the thing in the back.

Although jumped and purchased from the page of the plug for DRZ400SM, it cannot use for DRZ400SM!! Attention

It was not able to be used although cut to the plugs of the ape 50.
It is better to buy it, after checking since it is in the place where the portion in which C type is caught extended far back and other C type vehicle types may be unable to be used.

The candle spanner is made of high quality material and is precision machined. It is practical because it has three spark plug keys in one, so it also has a small space in the tool bag. It does not allow the site to upload a 4 Mb picture, though it can be downloaded to 16 Mb as described.

CBR600RR I bought it with the plug-in replacement of 2013, but since the thicker one of the plug wrench is bigger than the hole of the plug and it does not reach the plug, I could not use it after all.

Since there is only a special tool, the neck of Wrench moves, so it is easy to use where there are angles, deep back. The price was not high, it was good. It's fine but it was cheaper than the neighbor's home center. Taka is a moped Plug replacement, but if it hurts Motorcycle, I feel sorry for it. I'm glad I bought it.

Since the engine plug of Honda Today AF61 is in a position where Frame covers and it is difficult for a straight plug wrench to enter the head of the plug, I bought this plug wrench and used it. Although the Plug was stuck firmly, it was pretty hard, but it took a firm plug and it was able to remove somehow without distorting even if putting considerable strength. I was saved because I could use it firmly for price.