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Merek Top

It purchases as the appearance and the object for crack prevention of a tank.
however -- if the middle neighborhood pushes -- poco -- it seems that the form of some tank changes since poco is carried out
It is the shin without becoming, if it becomes difficult to shift in front by it.
Although it is in double-stick tape, if PITATSU is not decided on by one shot, it will shift and will attach attachment.
moreover, tricot -- in color, since a sticker portion started, he cut and stuck the sticker on the same form.

A crack attaches the tank of GSR400 immediately.
Since it was disgraceful in the place to which eyes go from usually, he purchased as crack hiding.
Since an abrasion is not conspicuous and this tank pat does not have degradation by sunlight, either, we recommend you to equip with motorcycle purchase.
It finishes with double-stick tape wearing in 2 minutes.

It purchases to ZZR1400.
It purchased a wound guard and for the purpose of the dress-up up.
Since body color is dark blue, it is very good to match this product.

It is used for commuting everyday, and it has been installed for many years with Tank's scratch prevention.
It's thick and the surface slides considerably.
* Jeans x, leather Pants ○

The price is about the same as other companies, but it was nice that it arrived early.
Carbon parts However, because it paints color, it is condition to arrive early, but wait.
It may be good to work in hidden places.
However, it is hard to install with Solidly if Carbon is between each other.

A cool carbon tank cover that enhances your bike Superior finish even with fashionable carbon pattern It also contains cool decals.

【What made you decide the purchase?】
Mr. Gendaiya has sold a set of R1 Type Cowl for R25.
But I do not want to change everything altogether, "If you look closely it is something different from ordinary R25?" I wanted to do about Makeover. So Tank Cover, which is easy to return to original even in the unlikely event of pricing as well as partly, was sold as Single Item, so I decided to install it.

【How was it actually used?】
First of all, if it says comprehensively, "I'm glad you changed it." I felt it..

<About products>
Other Company ProductCowl is not so high in experience that it is hard to wear it ... (?) but,
In this product, there was no Gap in the position of the screw hole, Tank cap position, etc., and it was possible to mount it almost without machining.

When you install it, the image of the car body changes more than you thought.
If you can see the photos, you can see that the width is wider and the depth is longer compared to the OEM, I feel like the volume of the car has increased.
Especially, the difference when seeing from SIDE is Large, it is subjective, but purely "It's cool!" I feel it..

<Use feeling>
This is also subjective, but the Large has changed.
The reason is that due to the increased depth "The seating surface has become narrow" And, it is the feature of the biggest Large "From the part where the crotch gets hit, the design across Tank cap is close to right angle" is.

As the seating surface narrows, the seated position inevitably becomes closer to the rear, and the body is in a forward tilted posture.
From the part where the crotch hits to compensate for it, because the design through Tank cap is close to orthogonal
It makes it easier for you to deposit your upper body on Cowl, reducing the burden.
I thought it was well thought out Design.

【Was it difficult to install? (Hard parts case)】
As mentioned above, the accuracy of the product was high, so there was no difficulty to that.
If you can desorb Cowl, I think there will be a lot of hardship.

Also, when wearing Cowl, the part surrounded by the red circle in the figure (Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Both) Grommet is required.
I think that it is better to order OEM Parts Number at the same time.

【Please tell me the point of installation and hang (in the case of Hard parts)】
Relationship of Cost reduction, Omnibox of R25 which is thin as a whole and feels unreliable, but on the other hand this product is made tightly, and it gets a sturdy impression.
I feel that it is solidly made, but because it is built as tightly, "Wrinkle" There are also people who are a little confused because it is difficult to do.
This side (Seat) From the side, back (Handlebar side) I think that you will be addicted cleanly as you slide it into.

【Fit feeling and height when wearing - Please tell me the weight etc (Apparel case) ]
Because of Hard parts, none.

[Is there anything I was disappointed about?]
It may be because I do not have processing technology,
There is a gap between Tank and Seat. It is caution when rain, car wash, etc. take water.

Overall accuracy was high, but there was a fairly large gap, which was a shame only for that point.

【Hope for Manufacturer - Please let me know if you have any improvement points]
It is how to sell, but Painted (OEM color) I'm glad if things of Lineup are also done.
Especially since it seems that there are many Blue in YAMAHA, it seems that popularity will come out if you join one of Lineup.

【Have you compared items?】
nothing special.

The image of this product is Painted's one.
My car body was Blue, so Paint the paint shop (Blue monochrome) When asked, the Gold amount was about 25,000 yen with shipping fee.
So, the Gold amount you spent with Total is around 45,000 yen.
For your reference.

When adding a W3 style tank to your W650, also change the Side cover.
As I thought, it is natural that Product Concept is so, but it has been quite reasonable!
I was worried about the first foot was not compromised so much, so those who think that I should worry about buying feet is Large I think that is durable. Short feet are combined with OEM's Lowdown Seat, but
As other people say Material is lower than OEM's Steel, but I think that I do not know the feeling I saw. It is not only WOwner that I notice?
Recommendation for people who want to customize old car style.