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The position attached simply is also OK! Even if you contribute how many times, tell the reason for a send-off!

The knee became very easy although it was SEROW 250.
It is very recommended.

Handle up spacer

2012 Since he wanted to carry out with some up to a slight degree, first of all, a post is exchanged for the form of a post authentic positive in wearing not being pleasing on fz-1 fazer.
Finishing of K FAKU was also beautiful and it was also able to make attachment satisfactory.
If the rest does not choose a handle ...

GOOD = it finishes and texture and accuracy have no something to say.
It is low to a slight degree in setting out of a NO GOOD= price.

Although the handle has been well changed with vigor recently, a post is long and a balance is bad, and it is parenthesis WARUI in any way.
Or [ that I will change to a short handle stem by saying ].
a result -- markedly -- a smart -- having become .
It is satisfactory.

For ABS cars, the length of Brake hose was severe, it was not installed because there is a possibility that Handlebar can not be full. It is disappointing because there is no problem with quality etc..

SUPER SHERPA has lower handlelebar height than other Off cars
In the forest road, especially Hill climb, the line of sight was low so it was hard to see the end.
In NORMAL, since the forward and backward load movements are low center of gravity movements, Traction was difficult to apply.
10 mm up with HardyHandlebar 30 mm up with barize
It improved considerably with a total of 40 mm.