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Until now I have been adjusting Spoke while listening to the sound by listening to the sound but it was not quite like I fastened it to the same feeling, but I was suffering from different things, but this time I purchased this item and Maintenance is very I began to make progress ... It is a word of wonderful.

It changes in Attachment and goes according to Nipple of various Size.
Although the price stretches, excessive tightening is gone, etc. Evening etc.. Recommended because it can be tightened to understand easily!
The point I care about is incredibly expensive so I think that it will be whether or not we will be able to go on, but since it is a tool that has never been better, it is a person who is maintained by myself on an off car or on a person riding MOTARD and is not good at Spoke I think that it is good for those who do not know the adjustment.

Spoke may be loose unprecedentedly when there are a lot of off-road driving, so if you get a good sound when you hit it occasionally ok. If there is a dull sound out Spoke, let's tighten it a little. Too much to overcome Balance so much. Because it always makes a nail when you do with a substitute item, you need a special Wrench. This also fits my new dTRACKER 125.

I often bought a Spoke wheel so I tried it.
Until now I was adjusting Nipple by sound and feeling so it was quite a hard time to hold down the swing, but I bought this product and it became really easy.
Because it is fastened by the prescribed Torque, if you do not distort Spoke or Rim, you can take a highly accurate runout.
It was a bit of a misunderstanding way of explanation that there are many misspellings in the Instruction Manual, but the goods themselves are very easy to use and good things, so it was good to buy.

It is a tool indispensable to bolting of a Spoke nipple. It is easy to treat the
main part with wall thickness, and it corresponds to almost all the diameter of Spokes by this one than expected.
structure is as it does not become a little cheaper since it is simple.