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Since the size of the handheld SHOEIHelmet was 61 cm,
NEOTEC also purchased 61 cm.
Size of the head was OK
Because the chinstrap is short
It is a little cramped when the face is Large.
In addition, Helmet is also a bit heavy
Long distance driving may get tired.
If you can try it on
Recommendation for purchase.

It was purchased by Helmet which I used until about 6 years ago and it is getting dreadful, so buy this with Helmets. I bought M Size this time, height 175 cm, weight 60 kg and the face is not fat, but it seems to be quite enveloped and both cheeks are now being held down.
Some people may feel cramped but Hold feeling is outstanding. I think Point is high also with the mechanism that prevents the wind from the neck.. There were times when it was hard to close when closing with the Ching Opening function. I think that it will be solved if you press it strongly or change the Inner's Size to L Size etc.. Thanks to the anti-fog Seat Shield is not as cloudy as to say at all, but glasses and InnerSunshade fogged and I felt attention needed. (There is no problem if Ventilation is open)

Product came in mint condition as expected. Fitting is good however i did size up, from an M to L, as per experience from other Kabuto Helmets. Initial impression was that the shell size seemed larger then expected. everything else was of excellent build quality and the interior is very comfortable. will definitely bring this on my touring trip. already fixed on my Sena 20s, had to use sticky mount though, as the clamp is unable to be used.

네오텍 헬멧.. 가볍고 좋다.. 내가 왜 지금까지 이런 헬멧을 안 썼는지 모르겠다. 안쪽의 이너쉴드 품질도 좋아서. 밤에 이너쉴드를 내리고 다녀도 잘 보인다. 안쪽에 블루투스 스피커 구멍도 마련되어 있어서 장착하기 쉽다.. 턱부위에 웜가드가 있어서 겨울에도 유용할 듯하다..

Although there is weight, weight feeling when it is covered is not that much.
Lightness is not compared with X-ELEVEN, but InnerShade and chin strap are one-touch, it is very useful for long touring.
The interior is a quick-dry Material, the sweat that I had in summer touring will dry quickly.
Ventilation is not foeish to SHOEI enemy. X-ELEVEN is old in type, but it is good feeling in summer because it will drain the inside of Helmet well..
The SHOEI's NEOTEC is also functionally the same, but the price is too high and Chin guard's switch is on the front side and it's unfavorable ...
IBUKI 's OpeningSwitch is good in operability and under the chin and unobtrusive.

Anyway, since there are many good places for price, if you are not Brand worshipism, I think there is a sense of affinity.

I used SHOTL's NEOTEC until I purchased this.
It seems to be still usable but already expired. I also thought about making it NEOTEC, but it is not White's aspect to say the same thing.
In addition, the salary is drastically reduced and I can not put out that price.
So it was KAZAMI that the arrow of White feathers stood up.
Anyway the price is cheap and cool!
It is attached to this. w
Fit feeling also complains!
Wind Cutting sounds are worrisome compared to NEOTEC, but ... If you get used to it is Large durable?
I can not live a chaotic living anymore Large I am happy goods.
it's recommended.

This is my first modular helmet. I was skeptical about the idea of the flip up chin bar. Now that I have used it for a while I am sold on the idea. As with all the Shoei helmets I own, it's comfortable. All figment is tight and the materials are of the highest quality. The flip down sunshade works with my glasses. Webike's service was excellent as usual. Two days to process and one day to ship to the United States. I would purchase this helmet from Webike again.

First of all it's size but it is quite Large (Large bigger than GT - Air?)
Gibi box (E43) It is a nice Size saying that it will close and set it sideways without closing if placed vertically in.
And a sense of fit, just like the Valer was the highest peak of the thick interior material like a brought by the fit ... so OGK can not be stopped.
Noise is also "aerodynamicism. It is quiet than Kamui just as it advocates, and what is something like ...
And as the inner visor is far from Kamui, still deep descending, what Kamui had interfered with Glasses
It was resolved and the whole field of view became a shape that fits within the effect range of the inner visor and it is satisfied Large.

Well, from here it's a problem, but ...
I use OGK products including Ibuki continuously for 3 generations, but ... I can not deny that the Seal of the shield really does not fit close together.
If you breathe in slowly, the inside becomes cloudy, even if there is a slight weakness it will cloud it is a disagreeable test method but because it does not leak out
It is an arrangement that is difficult to judge, but ... I guess it is not good if I do not paint Silicone oil
(I will visit the manufacturer once I can not help it by self adjustment)
It is regrettable that it seems that it will quietly become a Level comparable to SHOEI by perhaps just improving here.
Although it was told on the scattered net again, there is a difficulty when closing the chin guard.
Just because I have an image that closes assassin, I can not deny the possibility of saying individual differences, but during wearing
While closing it will be while pushing the lock lever, but it does not close any way
Eventually I had to shut it off with a certain momentum and honestly I am afraid that it will be destroyed within that time.

Of course, if you search for coarse desperately, there will be no dust, of course it is only making this firmly in the middle of the actual sale of 30,000 yen
In addition, Design is not a design like a certain company, but it seems that it is a sufficient product if the Edge is working as it is and it becomes SMART design as it is.

Fortunately, Aero Blade was announced around writing this.
From this product we say that it will become the bifurcation of the variable biaxial shield so we expect that products from the next onwards will be in compliance with this.