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It is simultaneous wearing with the company's High mount oil cooler and a down tube.
Please give me attachment by the motorcycle store who has always been indebted.
Since it was a radiator of normal, and an oil cooler before, it was serious to water temperature management.
Because the reason used as this product wanted to attach the oil cooler of a High mount of the company.
Compared with the comment or before after wearing, water temperature came to be stabilized dramatically.
It does not exceed 90 邃? unless it is involved in much traffic congestion.
Although a cold season came and it worried about over cool, since 75 邃?is saved for the moment, it seldom cares.
(If it flies at high speed, there is no telling what becomes.)
.) -- although it is being able to say also with an oil cooler, Mr. Nitro will not take out a core guard why -- it will be conspicuous, if a fin is crushed since it is ? silver.
I would like to ask sale of a core guard of Mr. Nitro very much.
cool is carried out and it is functionally satisfactory -- it is .

After all, there was only a radiator-proof [ 8 ] and the cooling effect was an outclassing.
Since it was a radiator only for a muffler-proof [ 8 ], matching was the highest when equipping together with the muffler-proof [ 8 ]! Attachment was also smooth.
Appearance also becomes a race ish and is five-star [ of large satisfaction ] (^^)

It purchased by the oil cooler and a set this year.
I think first that appearance is smart without a complaint.
Texture regards attached color, a bolt cap, etc. as good.
A feeling of possession is high and the appearance after wearing has an exceptional thing.
It is more certain to perform attachment in a specialty store.
Since the engine is normal, it gets cold firmly summer! Since it will get cold immediately if traffic congestion of summer also runs just for a moment, good-bye can be carried out with overheat feeling.
Since it gets cold well merely naturally, it becomes over cool in winter, and a weather strip is required (an oil temperature/water temperature will be below 60 degrees).
It may be good for the displacement to be 972.
The point which regretted is also written because an article is good.
1) Paint application is thin and there is no setting out of the radiator core guard only for two which comes off immediately (paint refinishing was recarried out).
3) It is a front fork if it equips with a high mounted oil cooler. It becomes impossible to equip a stone guard.
4) If you do not buy the down tube or sub frame of Nitro Since it cannot equip, at least 130,000 starts equipping.

This will be indispensable items if engine tuning of the motorcycle of small radiators, such as a naked, is carried out.
Although the piston was changed into 81 phi from 78 phi, if it is this radiator, water temperature is lowered firmly.
(It does not fall from 100 degrees in case of the radiator of normal) As for regrettable one, the net for a guard of an option should have only iron.
Since it is covered with water and dirt of a tire regarding the place, it will rust immediately.
Since it may be a little high, the net made from a stainless is a place needed.