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Small and indespensible tool for cleaning clutch and throttle cables. Construction is from aluminimum. There is some heft to it. As you can (probably) see, insert the cable end into one side, clamp down, and squirt cable lube into one of the holes in the bottom. Also this won't work for hydraulic clutch for obvious reasons.

Good stuff, good service, good quality

pasang nya gampang ...warna bagus cnc alumiunum class tinggi

Kualitas produk yang baik ini sangat mudah dalam pemasangan , juga memiliki cahaya yang terang dan baik

Although the goods are sold also from other shops, a price considers being set up at a low price by it.

Structure is also solid and it has as a reserve.

Right [ of the optimal and the fitting ] is carried out to a reserve, and it is 縲?

Since it was the same as the original manufacturer's product, it was able to use in comfort.
Since attachment is also only exchanged, it is easy.