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I attached with ZRX1200DAEG.
It is satisfied with bright pure white touch.
Since structure of a shade was just regarded as coarse, four stars were used.
It is recommended in total.

It included in foresight (Lo).
It has attached by DIY in a little less than 2 hours.
A price is also very reasonable and there is even an exclusive kit classified by vehicle type.
The special tool was also unnecessary when constructing as the manual.
A usage feeling is dramatically comfortable.
Since light has spread uniformly to all the corners of a lens compared with halogen, a run of a night journey completely differs in sense of security.
I think that it can be satisfied enough even if it is not 8000, since even a 6000-K bulb has quite a many blueness.
Since only the exclusive attachment manual classified by vehicle type was omitted by the sheathing removal should look at the maintenance document of a motorcycle, it showed to the motorcycle store and went to the tip.
Was it perfect when the copy of the maintenance document was also attached?

Since it was dark even if Wright of NSR250R changed into the efficient bulb too much darkly, HID is purchased.
Since the bulb went out, the fuse melted and the high tension of the ballast had broken to the blinker relay although HID of 88 was before attached to XR, the moto garage was used this time.
Since attachment on a size was doubtful when it was an attachment change type and a low and NSR were H4R, purchased the H4R adapters, but.
The person [ who buys it ] for whom a low and interchangeability do not have an H4R adapters, who was not able to do a replacement, who cut off the portion of the clip after all, remade the clip newly by plastic repair, and required great time and effort had better be careful (processing required).

I am sorry that the box of goods is solid but the contents are messed up without being in the bag.

I thought that it was unsatisfactory because the price was cheap, but for the time being, Motorcycle's Cowl was removed and Wiring was connected to start the engine ,,, BlueWhite light! Because light got on properly.

After that, decide the position of Ballast and Wiring, complete Cowl and complete.

Now I just installed, so I expect more brightness and durability.

Even without looking at the Instruction Manual, it was easy to install because there is no mistake in installation.

It became useless in several hours after installation.
As for the exchange with the guarantee, first of all after sending the malfunctioning goods, with inspections, during that time do not ride Motorcycle?
I was deeply aware that I had to purchase it at a real store again.

There is no dissatisfaction.
Cost pa is also not bad.
Although it is about installation, I think that it can be completed without problems if it is a person who can do Wiring processing.
Since I do not want to change Headlight, it was an LED or HID, but Case was small, so if it is an LED, since the heat sink does not enter, it is purchased for HID conversion.
The price was also cheap and the reputation was not bad,
Although I used impressions, Size was just right better than I thought.
Ballast's Size is also a good feeling, not being conspicuous without tearing Large.

The amount of light is brighter than I thought, the visibility has improved dramatically.
Honestly the power consumption does not change until then. It is a degree of feeling

It is brighter than OEMLight and looks also Parenthesis so it is installed. I forgot when I first bought it, but I have purchased this since I broke down this time and replaced it. Although the price is divided, it is durable and a sense of security is different.

Basically it does not ride at night, but Tunnel part etc. I was concerned about the darkness and replaced it.
I purchased this if I aim for cheap cheap, was prepared to become a pillar (Lol) There is not Impre also ... (Lol)

Because it is this price with Relay, honestly I was disappointed but it was betrayed in a good way.
By the way it is 35 w 6000 k.
In our Motorcycle, we do not need an adapter, so we can do it as simple as Halogen bulb. There was also no defective product such as Wire on the light-emitting part in cheap comes up.. In addition, in the case of a common Rubber part, in my case purchase a Circle cutter at 100 ha and if you open a hole of about 20 mm in diameter, Valve also comes with the attached Rubber packing just the same. Waterproof processing is not required. And you can just attach it to Headlight cleanly.
Because Ballast is also a compact, the degree of freedom of installation seems high. I also get the impression that the fitting of Connector is also not particularly dissatisfied and it is good for the price.
There was slightly dirty Valve, but it is sufficiently acceptable range from the price.
Is it about several seconds until the light stabilizes? Although this neighborhood depends on the subjectivity, I do not feel dissatisfied. I think that it is rather early.
I'm on a SUBARU car, but the same etc. I received the impression of the earliest.
There is neither strange luminescence nor glare with beautiful coloring. I am relieved that CutLight also comes out very beautifully. CutLight fell about 2 cm from Halogen, but I am using it as it is. This neighborhood depends on Lens and Reflector, so it is not bad.
Brightness is quite inevitable, does not it compare with Halogen. Blue It is a beautiful white color with less taste.
In my opinion, I think that it is close to Level which can safely say OEM.
There may be a win and loss, but this quality is satisfying with this quality at the price of Halogen bulb as a little better eyes.
It is unnecessary if you can do DIY somewhat, but the instruction manual is in English. For the Wiring diagram, please translate it into Manufacturer HP (Please enter here for the Wiring diagram so please refer to it.
It's only durability after that (Lol)
By the way it is good to have Valve out on the road, the replaced Halogen bulb is put in the ValveCase attached to this product and put under Seat.