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The beauty of the billet parts made and crowded to [Webike-monitor] details and polish is the highest! The rigidity in high speed operation and the stability in a cornering are felt by the effect of a stabilizer.
Moreover, although pure about 5.3 to about 5.6 kg and about about 300g of bottoms of a spring became heavy, in me, it was not worrisome.
* A center stand is improper (it hits a stabilizer!).

It is the highest.
RONSUI and a degree-of-comfort balance also became good nonchalantly.

笙ェ which is the touch which may change the impression

I want you to carry out the adjustment method of a chain slider somehow or other.

Chain purchased 130 LINK for 420, Sprocket for F 16 R 34 and Chain for 120 LINK were perfect.
The running performance got softer, Rear shock came to absorb Gap on the road surface, although it's Setting like Pre-road slightly.

When MONKEY's Swingarm was painted, the part of Chain slider was scraped and rust was generated, so I used this product.
The resin was not too hard, and it was easy to install.

Mounted on bear MONKEY. From the fitting groove of Brake Panel, because the convex part on the Swingarm side is thick and does not enter, it was shaved with File. Because I am not the one I care about ... Cospa, Design, I think it is very good.

Standard dimensions
To dare, Type 9 without Stubby
OEM6. 2kg⇒OVER5. 2kg
Because weighing weight under Spring, the effect is Large Yakana !?
I feel somewhat lighter.

It seems that the rigidity is quite high, and it is clear that Tire is losing on the road surface more than ever.

Installation is as long as 1 mm for Color, processing - We needed adjustment.
Sorry that there was a sweet part of Buffing.
I want you to politely check the factory setting.

Swingarm used about 25 years, after all, Bearing's Grease cut is quite severe ...
I feel that the movement has become pretty smooth, because all of the Bearing classes are also brand new this time.