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Bad things (Deck Nut and Bolt) I purchased it that it could be used for.
I think there is time to use something not only in Motorcycle but also in a car, or even in a house.
I like KNIPEX so I am satisfied that I own it even if I do not use it.

Although I had some WPPliers, I did not have anything with a tip Slim so far. Detailed around the Radiator of Off-road motorcycle - Purchase to use it in a narrow place. It is very easy to use. Grip is Red - It's not Blue's Comfort but this is a grip with this and I do not have a grin.

Since WPPliers has a lot of Size, it is a good place for KNIPEXTool to choose various things according to your own motorcycle and use purpose. The price is expensive as it is, but I think that it is cheap if it thinks as a tool that can be used for a lifetime. I think that it can actually be used!

Probably other tools will not be able to be used! It is called the
system, and I call it a feeling of a tightly, and think first that it is correct selection. although that of the Set thing of

, therefore SK Series of KTC has gathered, a grip system and clip mono-系 are arranged by クニペ!

length~く使う -- if things are considered, it will be a value ant of investment!

Although a COBRA is famous, if you have one since a Nut etc. are held firmly as the name suggests, it is convenient absolutely.

Power has being suitable also for fine work.
Since structure is solid, it is obstructed in comfort.