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Merek Top

The sub tank fit perfectly on the left side of the motorcycle, easy to install, its pnp stuff, the molding also good, the spacer also made the good distance between tank and motorcycle seat, there is some minor problem, because the position is on the left of the motorcycle, the fuel cock indicator is facing the body of the motorcycle, So its hard to see the indicator position off/on/res. Anyway this is good product

Tangki untuk GORILLA Good quality texture

Installation Bolt was Steel, even a little disappointing.
I think Bolt is also better if you make it Stainless Steel.
Other than that, Bolt-on makes texture feeling good as well.

Order a first time, I received a tank with defects, webike immediately took charge the return for free and sent me a new one in France. Now the tank is just perfect.

I switched the 5L tank to 4L style Takegawa tank. Made of aluminium. So it will not rust. Good quality product. Only the factory seat has to be replaced. This will be the next task.

Purchased as Custom parts, the results are pretty noticeable, practicality can not escape unless you use a tool to overcome Pin, so it looks Custom (Lol)

I bought it because I wanted to do Imechen.
Just rising Tank, looks quite different !!
Tank goes up and Seat & Rear is going down Style (Like a slide) I decided to install with my dreams.

By raising Tank, you will not be able to use the full capacity of Tank. (Because it makes it diagonal - - - ), So when refueling we will not enter a little more than usual.
However, it seems to change because the appearance changes gun!

No need to pay extra for OEM! Excellent build quality, fits in place perfectly and includes all mount rubbers and brackets. Excellent value for price and highly recommended purchase for your classic Honda Dax ST50.