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They are 12V, blue, and an LED indicator light corresponding to a 9-mm hole.
Although this found the actual thing by motorcycle 7, if it was Webike [ in stock / it was cheaper to buy it in Webike, and / Webike / a shop front ], a lot of handling goods did not need to go to the shop front, either, and since it only waited to arrive goods at home, it purchased here.
The actual thing was compact, and it was ordered in order to use it, using together with a toggle switch.

I wanted GEARShift indicator function of Tachometer function I bought this but it is bad visibility
Since it is not said that the other imprints have poor visibility, it is a problem only of their own individuals
It is hard to understand in the photograph but the character is thin.
All of the vehicle speed Pulse, the Neutral signal and the Pulse of the engine speed were interrupted from the Handlebar Switch and Meter's Wiring.
Parts related to installation are all attached and instruction manual is easy to understand but Wiring diagram or Tester is required
If it is a famous car model it will come out if you googled
One place Bullet terminal The attachment of the terminal went badly but there were no other problems.
If you turn Rear tire to make the Position of GEAR memorize in Nano 2 Gear Position Indicator, it will be difficult if the speedometer does not work. In this case real run or Bench required
Harnessetc. Length was longer, I did not want to turn off the Wiring on the Nano 2 Gear Position Indicator side and struggled to walk around (WR250R)
Is it no problem if it is a car model of NAKED or Full cowl?

Price and appearance were as expected as expected.
It was uneasy because the number of usable Meter φ is unknown.
It is Size that can be used with DAYTONA 60φ.
Red - Green - There was Yellow color Lamp, except for Yellow color was opposite to Instruction Manual.
It took me some time to rewiring it again, but now I can use it.
"There are cases where there is a case reverse to the manual depending on the lot" It was written, but with the normal one
Because the opposite thing is mixed, the person who is purchased from now is Plus - Minus
Even just check it and you should do installation.

Because Mission is CROSS it was difficult to understand what speed is entering now, so I bought it.
CBR 600 RR PC 37 Later, we purchased Universal Product because there is no special item.
It was uneasy because I had never messed with an electrical system, but rather it took more time to install and remove Cowl.
If it is a car model that conformity has been confirmed even with Universal Product, we can see Wiring to be installed at Site, so I think that the installation itself is possible if the hand is dexterous.

Downshift has its function changed itself, its display changes, but SHIFT UP got somewhat lagged. Only dissatisfaction is there.

I feel that it will become an indispensable item once I turn on it.

- Decision of purchase / Motivation
If you are wandering around, be sure to Grom to Dilts Japan : OPTopIndicator Hit on installation.
The user who is purchasing & used is often commented on "purchase price is cheap, voltage / Summer - You can manage oil temperature in winter! "Is the best purchase motive. It is also a Parts that raises Custom feeling further, since I saw that it was attached to second hand Grom at Honda DREAM shop where I purchased Grom "I want to add my own grommato one day!" I kept thinking, I finally reached today.

- Impression actually used
Dilts Japan to Grom : According to the comments of everyone installed OPTopIndicator, voltage management - I think that it was good to be able to check oil temperature control at a glance. Although it is time to install, it is the time when I installed it and the time of use became chilly with November, but if I run for 30 minutes the oil temperature will exceed 90-degrees. If this is the summer, it will be a lot of fun to see how much oil temperature will be, and it is also an Indicator that makes me think about oil temperature control in the summer. Dirts Japan : I would like to check the oil temperature of the four seasons making full use of OPTopIndicator.

- Ease of installation
In order to remove HeadCowl and Side cowl, you must also remove Rear cowl, so you can not work unless you remove all except RightSide cowl. Just when it gets cold, Plastic becomes hard, so in cold we have to work while paying attention to breakage of nails. Oil temperature Sensor just removes OEM and replaces. Complete the remaining OEMWiring and finish storing it in Waterproof Cover! And then we will go through Wiring to the Head section where Indicator is located. I bundle the extra Wiring at the Head part, but I cut the Handlebar all the way to Right and checked that the Wiring chewed on the other part and not forcibly pulled, it is a bundle and it is the end. The Attachment power supply supplies power to Body by biting the attached Wiring from Headlight section Relay - - - I supplied power in a different way. Why was the power supplied in a different way !!! When using the attached wire, you have to remove the Indicator power supply line every time you remove the Head part. Considering the future Maintenance, I found a Attachment power source from around the Meter using a simple Tester and secured it. Waterproof Connector is connected to power line with Both Sides and Indicator side of car. I did not go on with the ponding, but as I got involved, the finish is Large satisfied. (Please refer to the posted image) Head back, Meter back is clean and finished in OEM style.

Universality may be low?
acewell 6000 Watani Coil was useless. That is, it is rather troublesome to say.
If you do not want to destroy Meter Wotani is a yam and Pulse Generator's set is good for ordinary Coil. By the way, acewell 6000 has broken. I was able to exchange it within the warranty period.

I bought it to stabilize the needle display of Tachometer.
Acewell 6000 and Watani SP2 combination seems to be stable at 180 kΩ on the primary side, but my is GCraftMNK 019 Buffing multiplied Spec. For normal, Carbon 1 / 4 If it is a connection that inserts a resistor, the effect of Noise or the symptom that Tachometer's needle indication is 500 rpm gap with Digital display.
However, there is no effect of Pulse Generator.
You have to fundamentally raise Noise and it is useless.
So, I removed the Pulse Generator.
1 on the primary side / 4 Carbon Resistance 380 kΩ, CDIHarness at LightCore, Large body stabilized.
In Pulse Generator we used only LightCore (Lol)
Because the Pulse Generator itself worked normally, I think Universality is high.
However, if it is mounting according to the handling Instruction Manual why, Engine response is not good.
For your information, the ignition system
TakegawaStreet outerRotor, Takegawa CDI, Wotani SP2, KIJIMAPlug cord, NGKPlug capR.

Dress-up and vision SHIFT installed for prevention.

The display is bright and the visibility in the day is good, and thanks to the Auto dimmer function, it is not too bright at night.
Large Kimono is just right, it has a sense of being casually attached.
Rather than preventing useless Shift, the feeling of Dress-up is Large. Well, that's fine - - -.

● Points of concern
Inadequate OnLineManual.
When installing, I assisted Wiring work, OnLineManual with Color photo was posted on Manufacturer HP and thought that it was very kind - - -.
In the Instruction Manual, the Engine rotation signal is ECUCable Small way Coupler "Gray line" Although it was written, there are four gray Cable, which one is normal?.
Looking at the picture, is this the right one? (The color of the picture is also not good) , For the time being.
After Wiring finishes, make settings and check the operation.
Somehow it works, but when I put on Engine braking "R" Display error and error.
It became ???, apparently connected "gray" Cable seems to be an error as it is an injection signal, when engine braking is applied, fuel supply stops so Pulse is not input.
Gray lines are gray, to be connected gray lines are "ash / Black "is the correct line.
I would like you to list Pin number along with the color of Cable.

Setting requires hang.
In the Instruction Manual, it is 2000 to 3000 rpm.
Initially, according to the Instruction Manual, set its rotation speed - - - I thought that.
MT-01 can not be set on this road in this area, it must be done on a highway.
Moreover, if it turns 3000 rpm at the 5th speed, it will exceed the legal speed far more.
So, set at around 2000 rpm, if this is 5 speed you can do something before the legal speed choice.
However, no matter how many times you set it, you can not display correctly because the display is wrong and the response is bad, "What is this!?" Normal state.
Because the rotation speed is not in accordance with the Instruction Manual, it is useless ??
I thought it was then, dare to set it on the general road.
Regular rotation range (1200 to 1800 rpm) I set it with.
Very honest display!
The erroneous display also drastically decreases, and the reaction also improves (Although it is somewhat late) Did.
The rotation written in the Instruction Manual is only a guide, and I thought that it would be hang to actually set it in the rotation range that I normally use.

Setting Switch is hard to do on the reverse side.
If you set it, you will not be able to operate it, but if trial and error is required for setting, the operability is bad.
Double-sided tape also got sticky and could not be fixed as well - - -.
Is it only for me?

Okay, there was a hard work until becoming a thing, but if it can set it firmly it will move properly.
If Motorcycle has a little Habit, I wonder if trial and error is necessary to set up - - -.
This product, "Setting is kimo" is not it.