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Kaca Film ViewTech untuk Spion Mantap! Kaca Film ViewTech untuk Spion Mantap! Kaca Film ViewTech untuk Spion Mantap!

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It is hard to carry out a back check.
Cheapness [ like / for bicycles ].

There is only a bestseller, on a cinch, a visual field is also large and the price of a retractable type, 3D, and a function surface is also cheap.
Is only the increase of weight a difficulty?

It attached to PCX.
Since the usual catalogue article was likely to be uncomfortable by the dual mirror, a blue mirror type called the object for BMW is purchased.
Here where it is considered suiting car-body form eventually although I felt that the direction of an oval (Tech02) suited the line of a meter or a visor and it worried dramatically is chosen.
Since it is metal mostly, there is weight, but the high grade feeling is and is satisfied from the thing made of resin.
Compared with normal, width became narrow and a fear of hitting a wall etc. at the time of parking disappeared.
Kana good also for those who do a pickpocket omission?

Although in play was contributed as the point, if it is hard to use a photograph, please use here.