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It was necessary to remove Clutch and it was good not to be high so far as Cost
I do not know how durability is, but I do not think that it is a tool that is frequently used so I think that it will be good if it can be used several times

Too cheap, so texture and usability
I did not expect that I was Large
Why is it quite a texture and it is usability
I have no dissatisfaction.
It works well enough and is useful for Large strange.

Clock It is Lock nutSocket used for exchange
Other manufacturers have similar products
It was the cheapest, so I decided to do it here..

I was able to remove it without any problem with a reasonable accuracy.
Color taste was subtle, but the price is price - - - - -

'07 Used with CYGNUS X.

Distortion is intense in the Sample picture, so I bought it while preparing it ...
The item that arrived is flat to Beauty, rather it is the Level where the KITACO made Wrench is more distorted.
Rather than 46 mm 46. Although it is a size such as 5 mm, since it is 6th Wrench, there is no practical problem.
I tried shivering with Hammer when loosening Nut, but somewhat dented but without Plating peeling,
Demerit by the cheap overall is not felt much.

Considering the frequency of Clutch desorption, I think that this is enough.

CYGNUS 'Wrench has few sales, it was saved because it was in here. Impact was too strong at tightening, but it was easy to manage Torque when it was Wrench.

Purchased for MAJESTY 125 maintenance. I bought it because I did not have that Lock nut was a dedicated Size and the price was also cheap. It was very cheap, so I am a little worried, but I still have to use durability from now on. Continue to use and understand something, I will write.

Purchased for Swingarm's OH. I thought it was so cheap because the price is cheap but the finish is fine, but you can use it properly and you need it enough.

Price cheaply After ordering promptly we received immediately immediately arrived at hand. Actually I have not used it yet so I do not know whether it will last long but I think that it was good to purchase.