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Merek Top

It is as a brand name a compact.
Since there is no lining cloth, it is fluent, but waterproofness has no problem.
I think that it is the selection best as portable rain gear of touring.
LL was purchased by 75 kg 178 cm, and it wore on summer Jacquet, and was an exact size.
Since a problem stores in a compact, it is put into a bag fairly forcibly.
Therefore, the stitch of a storage bag has split.
Although it can still use, the substitute in a bag is looked for.

Although it was used for some time, since degradation progressed, it replaced.
Since I am a type which certainly brings rain gear when I go for touring, storage nature is the most important portion.
Truly, in the case of a heavy rain, although some osmosis is carried out, with most rain, it is satisfactory.
What it is easy to put on on it, and a tough leather jacket besides a battle suit is pleasing.
The thing in which the mesh is used for the back side is caught and irritated when wearing.
It is important by rainy weather that it can wear quickly.
It is better to attach an easy hood from now on..

A helmet is fitted that it is easy to wear.
Although coming out to a course purchased for the purpose, I think that I will try also on touring.

They are necessaries at kawasaki riding.
Although the design of a one point's green and the character of kawasaki which is not too showy were pleasing and bought black, sunlight is larger and it finds it useful summer.
Since it certainly wears after removing a helmet, it is always carrying around.
However, a raw material should somewhat fold up by slight hardness.

All good : - Fast shipping - Nice & good packaging - Arrive on time, about 2 weeks - Easy transaction - Item worth it a penny Will keep supporting Webike & RS-Taichi !

I am ordering from Singapore, shipment using Express (Fedex). Order was very quick, receive the product in a few days. Product is very good, fits perfectly. Protects well from the rain. No seepage. Very happy with the discount for the first timer order. Product tracking is accurate, make me worry less. Definitely will order again from here next time. Good shopping experience!

Last year from Motorcycle riding in the middle of winter more often, HeatTEC socks were used,
It is not very warm, so the hole will be available soon so purchase this product in various colors.
The fabric is slightly thicker and the feeling of Fit is good (Size of foot 26 cm) , Since the portion to which force is applied is reinforced,
Durable and hard to tear. Wearing it is warm and warm, combined with Tough gear of GAERNE, with the temperature around 5 ° C
It ran for 2 hours at high speed, general road, but did not feel any cold at all. Since your feet will cool even in your usual workplace,
I love you. The price is slightly higher, but I think that COSPA is not bad as it is strong. Long Type up to the knee is also
Purchase plan. I think Long Type is better for those who cool down not only the toes but also the shin.
I would like other color variations if possible.

Fashion costs. Style you have it or you don't. Wearing this Takegawa t-shirt you've got STYLE and FASHION without the cost! As Iv'e come to expect from Takegawa they have chosen a quality product to advertise their quality products. The T-shirt is 100% cotton with a comfortable "knitted" neck band and overlocked inner seams. It's fit attracted looks from the opposite sex (Ladies in my case). With a descrete motif and product name, front right chest. A larger Takegawa motif adorns the back of the neck above a large design of the coolest cutaway of my favorite engine layout. The cutaway engine shows detailed SP Takegawa parts in situ and most important, is correct in detail. A must have in my (and your) wardrobe that I am (and you will) proud to wear.