Kabel Harness Klakson

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

It is easy to escape from air when measuring.
A way may be bad.

Although other manufacturers' compact type was used until now, since measurement was dramatically difficult, it purchased due to the wheel design.
Working efficiency increased markedly by that the product and a hose are attached and a level bulb.
It is not necessary to measure, already being irritated.
They are the indispensable items at the time of going to a path through a wood these days.
A price is also cheap and it is recommended!

This is used at the time of fine work.
uses, such as trimming and a port, -- it is various and finds it useful.

This which can be used!

added another key to the Taiwan car manufacturing. the error percentage is not specified-but compared with the other key shows the correct values* good products

Since similar items were broken, they purchased with ease, because the batteries of the enclosed batteries were out, so it could not be used immediately, but as long as you could exchange it, you could measure without problems so we want to check the difference with other gauges on hand is not it.

I replaced the air gauge I used before because I got sluggish

Although accuracy is ???, I think that it is not bad if you consider it for normal use
I think Cost performance is good

I bought it for Fork oil exchange. Size, it was JUST that the capacity is this Large.
It has a pedestal and has a lid, so it is convenient to keep it in Garage even after use. Even during actual use, there was a pour spout, so I could inject it without drooping Oil.