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I purchased it because I was attracted by the variety of advanced tools and the low price of the price.
Although it is hard to do, removal of Circlip is possible somehow.
We use KTC's Tools Set at work and the usability of this tool is at least Level when compared with KTC tool.
However, since the KTC tool is very expensive, I think that if you are Sunday maintenance Level, the selection like this item is cheap even if it's difficult to use.

Although I have not used it yet, as far as I can see, it seems that there is no problem in using it with Brake Pedal Shaft of VIRAGO, but it is slightly uneasy in terms of strength to use for KLX Drive sprocket exchange.

I knew that the tools of KNIPEX had some Nipper, Raped pens and easy to use.
I tried other Manufacturer as a candidate, but I made it to this after all.
Looking at it, it seems that it is a little disappointing when I grab the Ring
After all, it is recommended that the details are easy to use.

It is quite slippery and clip slips and it is hard to remove.
Just thinking about the price makes Cost performance satisfactory.
You can use it enough if you devise how to use it.

In order to replace the Brake pedal, looking over the Step plate and seeing it, have you stopped by Circlip?. It is a sharp purchase as there was no tool that could remove this.

It is appreciated that less frequently used tools are available cheaply. This time it was only one time use, but there are no particular problems such as turning ahead. Even if it is broken, I should buy it again. Even if you do not need it right now, you can buy one for this price.

Grip things, such as a Nipper and a Pliers, purchased the Snap ring pliers for the first time this time by that of
which a KNIPEX, a lowbrow, and I consider. The Snap ring pliers was using the cheap article of the Home center until now [
> ]. although the tip bent, or it bent and was user-unfriendly -- the rigid feeling of this product -- dramatically --
-- it was good and satisfactory. Although he bought

, however Rear brake masters ... It did not suit and was not able to use a Size (;_;) The check of a Size is important (smile)!