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Set Sticker Handguard mantap!

It came seemingly to be an off-motorcycle.
It is recommended.
Since attachment was attached to the pure grip heater, please give it to me by attachment store search of the Webike site.
Correspondence was also very good.

It came seemingly to be an off-motorcycle.
It is recommended.
There is merely no windscreen effect.

I was using Zeta's XC, but in the winter the wind caught coldness against Gloves.
Since I found XC-PRO which is wider in area than XC, I purchased it and installed it immediately. There is wind protection effect more than XC,
There is no fear of the fingertips going out even if running at normal temperature -4 ℃ with ordinary winter gloves.
Also, because it's Speed ??of Off-road motorcycle, I do not feel wind resistance as much.
The appearance has a presence. However, because it rides almost everyday, I decided to run with this in winter by having priority on function.
The hand guard of ZETA likes it because it has a good shape. If it is a little cheaper we will add more ★ but it is such a place.

The items that I received are different from those in the photograph. I do not have Bracket on the top and bottom, and I attach it with the lower Bracket Only Spec. If I was tightening so as not to move because I was becoming, I broke Screw.

It is cheap enough to buy at a price similar to that of a certain company BracketGold tool for Knuckle visor
The effect is also Large Large, the numbness of the fingers due to the cold has not been released yet
Originally we used OffsetHolder for Mirror so we did not need any additional parts
Because it contains only the minimum Parts, Bolt nut - Gold genus Bracket etc may be necessary in some cases
Mandatory especially when the Mirror installation position is in front of Handlebar
Instruction Manual is not attached, but there will be no problem with installation
Although the appearance after installation is all that, if it is this effect as much as possible

Motorcycle Riding Life About 40 years, Motorcycle also Small in Large Small, I got on various types of things, but this time I tried installing Knuckle visor for the first time. Until now, we used thick Gloves, Inner Gloves, Handlebar Cover etc. as measures to cool down. However, if you are on a long ride, the ends of the hands and feet will get cold. This is unavoidable, but somehow I put up with it and got on board. I knew of the existence of Knuckle visor from the front, but it looked somewhat irritated and never attached, I never got on the attached Motorcycle. But this time, I want to check what it is, and I decided to buy it because it is Sporty shape than before. The impression of using it, in a word, "Why did not you use it for a long time?" I regret it.. I installed it correctly.

SUPER CUB reform (With Clutch) Attached to.
Installation is a little troublesome. We are tightening together with Bolt of Brake & Clutch,
It is necessary to match with the shape of light switch etc, saw, 鑢 etc are necessary.
Also, there is not much room to open the mounting hole, Limit.
Also, Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Because the width of the part to cover Lever is different, Color of about 3 mm is 1 pc. It was necessary..
Lever (Brake&Clutch) Because it interferes when you grasp, you need to cut a little.
Material is hard, so if you do not hurry and work for a while, you may break.
As I tried running after installation, the wind did not hit the hand directly, and it seems to be able to endure the coldness of winter as well.
I bought it was a correct answer.