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Good stuff, good service, good quality

Tappet sound becomes noisy unusually and is a bulb and the replacement parts accompanying retainer exchange.

It was used for the monkey of normal (49 cc).
Although changed from the high cam of JUN, it says clearly and Power is completely different! Although it is natural, that Power of the high rotation area went up also has the torque in an inside rotation region rather than a JUN cam, and it rides easily by a torque fully.
of course, the maximum high speed is also extended!!! being related with setting of a carburetor -- the time of the influence of important effectiveness, or a JUN cam -- # -- it fell about by ten.
In attaching, it was a little troublesome that valve recess processing of the piston had to be carried out for reservation of valve clearance, but Power who wipes out the difficulties was obtained ^^

Up to now Nore cam & Spring Bore Up Kit + JetSetting and Limiter cutSpec.. The troubles with abnormal vibration of ValveSurging and awkward output characteristics were solved like a lie. Once there is a DAYTONA 75cc Bore Up Kit compatible product, but there is also a cheap Made in Taiwan88cc Bore Up Kit so far it has neatly turned upwards and the feeling of shaky going out has also disappeared. Durability is currently being confirmed at around 300 km per month with commuting + short touring one month. It is nice that Cam and Valve Spring are packaged together. It is saved to reduce one troubling Masching trousers.

Flywheel Lightweight, Primary side 3 - Clutch
Yoshimura MJN 24 carburetor
I installed High Camshaft of Option to 88 Kit made by certain K company, but recently replaced with SHIFT UP made 52 mm Crank
In addition I entered the company's High Camshaft
I compared this product with the Cam of K company, but the height of the mountain is completely different
110Spec with 52 mm Crank. By putting in proper and high Camshaft
Torque, Response, the fastest, it got better, not halfway
As soon as I have not seen Meter 80 to 90

Left is this item for photos
I forgot to take pictures so I pick it up m (_ _) m

I bought for YB - 1 FOUR, but the amount of Lift and OEMCam did not change almost, the operating angle was below the OEM. I tried to incorporate it once, but it got slower than OEM. Perhaps the person who designed this is not the person who does not know the Large Kimono of the number etc. If it raises one strength, basically it does not exceed 60 kg basically so one person of 49 cc registered It will be almost impossible to discontinue Risk.

Helps repair a common problem with these engines if you do the pinch bolt up to tight. Well made,cheaper than making it yourself. Once the timing chain is working and adjusted, screw in the adjusting bolt to keep a light pressure on the push rod that allows you to do up the pinch bolt very lightly.

It was my first High Camshaft exchange, but it was attached without difficulty.

I will go around the engine well with the feeling of adding NORMALPower curve? Climb GunGun uphill as well!

Why is this effective?