Belanja Berdasarkan Model

It is shopping in first Webike.
In a mesh, it is cool, and vomits and a feeling is also the highest.

I bought it because I liked design looking at store stores.

Recently the popular Knuckle guard is Sponge, basically Mesh Material, so the impression is that if time is scary.
Mesh Material is fuzzing with One Season.

AlpineStar is overseas Brand, so it should be One size Large, but why this MODEL is perfect for Japan Size. It feels rather Small.

Personally I like it.

Anyway it's cool. It is thin and fully demonstrates the power of Mesh.
It is easy to use with the best Fit in hand, you can also use smartphone.
However, although it is a usage problem, the tip of the middle finger has come apart at about 3000 km.
Is it normal as Cospa?
I think that you want a little more durability - - - -

Comprehensively I think that it is a good Gloves.

Buy M Size for Summer Touring. Fit feeling, breathability is a good feeling.
There is a sense of security since it comes with Protector.
However, Magic tape of the wrist part has peeled off at Touring 3 times.
I think the quality is reasonable.

When I was in CUB during my school days, "Attach Gloves" I felt like Parenthesis wearing it, I was riding with bare hands, but I felt Grip's dirtiness, fear at the time of the accident.

When I switched to a medium-sized motorcycle model, I thought about buying Gloves, but anything Motorcycle supplies are all high.
I used Gloves for work sold at Astro, but Protectionetc. It became an uneasy material that there was no function of it, and decided to buy specialized items.

Sometime it was cheap at the shop, I bought this product. (Excuse me. A long introductory .... )

The best thing was Design. Material that looks moderate : Carbon Style. When you do Gloves "Take the Motorcycle" The feeling that comes out very much.
Also, I do not care so much about the bad feeling that hand sweat is Jit Bird ... thanks to Mesh of Gold genus at base of fingers and Mesh of fingertip fiber. I think that the breathability is good.

However, despite Total's use for about half a year, fray of the wrist Magic tape, fuzz of the palm fabric, fuzzing of the logo of the index finger, eventually it is supposed to be compatible with smart, making it almost difficult to operate smartphones.

I feel that it is difficult to use it for the first time purchase of Gloves for summer that has only this.

I chose Parenthesis because it was good in a cheap price range.

Because I have a short finger for the Large Kimi of my hand, L Size often has too much fingertips, but this product was perfect without so much surplus.

What I was concerned about was Smar's hand under the fingers Slider (PalmSlider) is.
It seems to protect the palm when it falls, but there is a reasonable thickness with a firm Material.
However, because of its thickness, this palm Slider is limited in the grip's grip position.

In my Motorcycle, KLX 250 and BirdCity had no influence of palm Slider because the Handlebar was straight, but in the case of NS-1, handlebar would have an angle inevitably, the palm Slider hits Grip by all means It became the direction, there is sense of incompatibility.

Still feeling something strange is not bothering if you concentrate on driving in the moment when you grabbed Grip and if you continue to use it as it is, you may get used to it.

So, I think that it is most suitable for Scooter and others, but those who want freedom in how to grasp Grip and those who ride in Motorcycle of Separate handle do not know how they hold a Grip before purchasing We recommend you to be confirmed.

I used Mesh Gloves with Protection of Honda so far, but Protection got a pain hitting my fist by all means. It changed to Gloves of here for too much pain. I am satisfied with Large and good operability. It does not pass the wind as Mesh, but it is comfortable without steaming. I like the design but I am satisfied as I am.
Desorption is also easy and it is solid.

I checked on the Size table and bought M Size.
I thought that Just fit was good when I put it in my hand before I got on the Motorcycle and thought that it was good with Just fit, but when I actually went to Touring, I felt a little Small and I felt a feeling of pressure on my hands. I thought that I thought it was good to have L Size again After all I made three Fit feelings. The texture was so good that things are good.