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I wanted Jacket to be worn at cold season maintenance time and I bought it.
I have used about two months now.

* Working clothes, not Jacket dedicated to Riding.

At 185 cm, 60 kg, I chose L Size according to the shoulder width.
I thought the length of the sleeve may be a little more. However, in actual maintenance, I feel that it is a good Length not to get in the way, now I am satisfied ♪

【Feeling used】
The fabric is thinner than I thought it is very light.
It is easy to move because it has become relaxed making overall, such as chest and stomach.
Even saying that it is comfortable, the sleeves can be stopped with Button, and Waist does not have to suffer the wind as Rubber is solid.

What is relaxing is not only the ease of movement, but I think whether Long T-Shirt or Trainer can be stacked to adjust the temperature.
So, you can use 3 Season excluding summer.

It might be slightly severe when outdoor work in midwinter becomes Main.
In that case, if you choose with the same Manufacturer, it would be better to choose Waterproof Winter Blouson, Waterproof Winter Coat.

- Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) Pocket of (3rd photo)
Since there is no Zipper deep in the horizontal direction, if you lie on your back with a thing with some weight, such as a smartphone or a lighter, it seems to get dropped.
It is easier for you to stop traveling with Motorcycle while holding objects.

- Quantity of the chest : Pair (for Left and Right) The outside Pocket (Photo Quantity : 1 Set of 4pcs. eye)
Quantity : Pair (for Left and Right) With slightly different structure.
As for the Right Side, there is a further smaller vertical pocket inside as shown in the picture.
Left Side has one hole to make Ballpen from the outside.
The "Small Sana Pocket in Pocket" that was in Right Side is not in Left Side.

- Left Pocket inside the chest (5th photo photo)
Because there is enough depth to reach the wrist, things in the inside seems to fall off unless it is upside down.

- Left Pocket x 2 for arms pen (No photo)
Left There are two Pocket on the upper arm to point the pen and the pencil. Work clothes.

Bore around the neck. Removable with Button.
If you compare with a high bore of a high-class work clothing Manufacturer, it is natural that a cheap texture.

The fabric is thick, the knees are doubled and durable.
Back's Yamaha logo is embroidered and Cool.
Since Size got Large, I changed the size by using try-on service,
I did Exactly Fit.
I was satisfied although the price was expensive..

It is made solidly, but ordinary Pants not made for riding Motorcycle.
It seems that it is made of stretched Material, but it does not grow so much. If you hit the knees in the ground and hit the ground, it will definitely be full of blood. I do not know why I sell it in Riding Pants.

As you try on arriving it's huge!
First of all, it is better not to skim ahead and do not raise, as you can see that it shrinks considerably once washing it..
The adjustment range of Shoulder is narrow, the waist is made to Tight.
As FashionYouth as a work clothes I think that it is a level that does not hinder the movement.

Sorry size miss order i need size L M side nonono I need L size change plz Chek plz From korea seoul Good Sorry size miss order i need size L M side nonono I need L size change plz Chek plz From korea seoul Good

Blue is so fragile that Navy
Even so, because the vehicle on which you are riding is a vehicle, the conspicuous feeling
There are also two Pocket behind
It is too shallow and you can only enter Small money - - - -.

I bought S Size with height 162 cm, weight 54 kg, Waist 70 cm. Because I am thin, I can not wear loose comfortably without wearing G-bread. The fabric is also thick and quite solid.
Just because the sleeves are short about 5 cm, the sleeves of the clothes I wear come out and it gets dirty.
Especially it is not a long arms. It was a bit disappointing as I made it solid..

It shrinks considerably when washing it.
If you do not buy One size Large eyes, you will not be able to wear it immediately - - -
I made hemming an ordinary length, it became quite ugly. (Tears)
Sewing was also bad for Manufacturer's made, so Zipper got disconnected immediately after purchase.
However, although the product of this hand is hard to say Objection, it was repaired by Manufacturer.
In that area, I think that ManufacturerName is not Date.