Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Used for SUPER CUBAA 01
I bought it because I wanted to try HandClutch
Used for about 500 km conveniently on the way, farm road, riverbed Main
Because it runs on the snow road or fuel efficiency is very bad
It will only be about 25 km of litter
However, Engine from the bottom tenaciously easy to use Engine

Although it may be Engine per hit
I felt it was not enough to say in the street
Mission is well entered and Neutral is easy to go out
Plugetc. It was transformed into domestic products and the Piston ring was also firmly attached
It was not satisfactory to add carburetor, but it was supposed to be able to run without excess or deficiency
If you want greedy carburetor change or intake mania change ...
No, since it is also good to add, it is somewhat savvy for amateurs because there is less time and effort to find that they are able to purchase conforming items together