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-- emon: -- littering pack product number: -- 1605 -- merchandise information goods details [size] [6.5-liter] 笆?-- processing of waste oil at the time of an oil change -- 笆?-- size of 6.5 liters

They are necessaries at an oil change and processing.
a drain -- since it will overflow in many cases if it is direct and popularity is won, I recommend pouring in, once an oil pan receives.

Since this one was cheaper although the oil processing box of the emon was used usually, it purchased.
The cable tie was not attached in the paper in which the cable tie was attached so that the emon could bind a bag with cotton and which cut here fine finely although it was.
It was thought that absorbency did not change.

the oil is changed by itself -- certainly -- usage [ this ] measure.
Since it can throw to garbage, it is very convenient.

Even if it is, it does not become obstructive, and a peach is rowed to unplanned purchase, and it is the shin.

It is used at the time of the oil change of ZRX.
A size is also right just, and since processing of waste oil can also be simplified, in the direction maintained by itself, it is a recommend.

A box is large, and since the hand which enters under a drain bolt since height's is also low, and is emitted as it is also becoming dirty, or a rearrangement is also easy, it is convenient.

a [Webike monitor] -- in play [ of you ] purchased and was in reference -- the exchange back is pleasure although it has not been used yet