Belanja Berdasarkan Model

It purchased to repair of the [Webike-monitor] original manufacturer's product.
Since it was cheaper than brand-name parts, it was good.

Perfect, quality product that installs easily. After driving with my new tank pmc several kilometers no trace of gasoline leak. Lever control is light.

I used it in combination with PinGel's Adapter plate instead of PinGel..
When installing to the Adapter plate for PinGel, 1 / The precision of the 4NPT male thread is too low and installation is difficult without Brown difficulty. It is Zama who actually jams in once and breaks.

When installing, fix the adapter plate with vice. Just put the capped chemicals, put it in a way that wears the Tap back, you have to put it back, repeat the installation.
As it is probably impossible to use a Seal tape for leakage prevention, as for Sea Ring, I'd like to deal with Gasket on the Adapter side.

Author 's United States - If it is from Pauco company it will be a little more accurate...

Gasoline slightly from Fuel Cock
Because it was blurred, ordering and disassembling and exchanging.

I would like to tell SR members
Also in service manual
Because the negative pressure packing part is not listed
It may be better for those with some knowledge. Or remember well after Rose

I acknowledge my own shortage of Kill
After assembly, before Gasoline replaced
Because it does not stop at the ON position
I ordered OEMCookAssy.
I appreciate it with the Instruction Manual.

Purchased as Exchange Parts for Subs tank for DAX.
Gasoline leaked out of the knob part in about 3 months since Cook that was attached from the beginning.
I tried disassembling before use, but the quality of Rubber seal is poor.
The packing of the Screw part is out of the first from the beginning and Packing of the knob part is bad shape of the hole.

A good place to compare with Minimoto's Cook
- Price is a bit cheap
- Easy disassembly as Screw stop
Is it degree.

Since Minimoto's Cook has never been disassembled, the quality of Rubber seal can not be compared.
However, Body's Reverse side had the same three star Mark as Minimoto made Cook, and I think that there is no difference in the quality between the same Large land products.

ScrewSize : M16*1. 5

I installed it in the outside Tank.
Accuracy etc. Although it is fine without thinking, whether the material is soft, when tightening gum Tapeetc. If you do not paste it will get scratches. Also on. off also moves with a light force so it will move if you catch on something beat.
As it is a very compact Cook, narrow place etc etc. The advantage that you can use is also very good.

Because it is made overseas, Plating is rough, the Reserve part is slightly bent. It is not problematic to use, but it can not be Recommendation for people seeking perfection. However, I think that Cost performance is a good product because there is no problem in use.

This item was with Fuel Cock M 14 of MONKEY but things of M12 reached and could not be used

The bag containing the product was broken and it was not returned
There seems to be a problem such as other products also containing different products with respect to the middle goods