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It was WebikeBrand and it was similar to KTC made Electric Works Pliers "Is it made of the same OEM?" I thought that I ordered. I will not even understand, but the main role of Electric Works Pliers is terminal (Bullet Terminal) I think that it is the crimping of. This Electric Works Pliers has terminals (Bullet Terminal) There is almost no mountain of the part to be crimped. Therefore, (Bullet Terminal) It was impossible to crimp Harness beautifully with. By the way, when I took it to a friend's electrician for listening to usage, he got Ad Vise that it is better to stop crimping with this.

Until now General Pliersetc. I was working on Wiring, but I purchased it with the addition of various electrical equipment.
I was made to feel that this is different between this product and nothing.
Wiring work is less than half and connection is sure.
Should I buy it sooner.

I was attracted to cheap and bought it.

I could perform cutting of Wiring, film peeling, crimping of terminals without problems. Until now, I used Radio pliers and Pliers to process Wiring, but when I use a dedicated tool, the workmanship is still different.
Electric Works Pliers was the first purchase, so I can not compare it with other things, but I think that it is not a bad thing because I was able to do the Wiring process normally. If it is occasionally used, it seems possible to use it without problems.

I kept it in an outdoor warehouse, but it rusted considerably. It is the rust condition of Level same as Haku-ya's tool. It seems better to care for frequently.

Although it is a difficult point to rust immediately, workability and completeness of Wiring processing is high as there are only special tools. Blinker exchange, Headlight exchange etc. etc. Those who are considering the Custom of the electrical system of I think that there is no loss.

Bullet Terminal for 110 type Coupler purchased this time because it can not crimp cleanly with possessed tool.
Even though I'm clumsy, Small terminals are crimped firmly and the finish is beautiful and satisfied. Although it is a tool not used much, price is also cheap, so do not lose with it.

Actually, the company's "Terminal set" I was using.
(Bullet Terminal etc. are bundled, for introductory use)
That is how I can do the Crimp work, but I was doing it and I was White, so expecting even better products, more expensive with Single Item (Although it does not bounce up even if saying it) I bought this product.
It seems that you can use it forever if you buy it once, I think that there is no loss even if you buy this from the beginning. Good work can be done.

They are necessaries for Motorcycle riding which DIY(s), such as a Blinker, a Lamp, electronic autoparts, and a terminal crimp tool.
From the first, he was electric work specialist license 持ち, and although he also had the tool, he bought it here as 事情あ. Although some were cheaper with
company's goods, evaluation that accuracy is delicate is read and it chooses here.

Although it was actually used abundantly with Blinker wiring for two sets, etc., accuracy is also Good as well as durability.
Since it was used to the press-fit tool with a return function for electric work specialists individually, it was the highest, when grasping, crowding and detaching and there was a Type with which a tool spreads automatically. They are the necessaries of

電装 system maintenance.
Probably, this and a plug Set should be reserved.

[Webike Monitor] In order to secure the power source for

portable charge, in creating a branch Harness, it purchased. It is a convenient article which peeling of

wiring, press-fit, and even this come out, and is both made. The
> Spring is contained and it opens freely. This is individually kind. It is not interfered when keeping, since it can lock
> and when closing and yet and. He buys it with that which
> user-friendliness says, and I think that it was good by it.

Since it is only small terminals, the connectors of a motorcycle are necessaries for caulking just.