Kunci Stel Jari-Jari

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Length from contact to hand grip was shorter than general Tire Lever.
I felt it was easy to work if the spatula part was a bit thinner.
In my case foil was originally full of scratches and Rim protector was not necessary.
There was no sign of bending even if we put on weight and it looked quite robust.
Although it is excellent in Cost performance, if it is used only once,
Is Tire bring-in replacement fast and safe in Motorcycle shop?

First of all it is good for price.
It's easy to use.

Rim protector does not need to say so, I want you to add 1 pc of Tire Lever.
Because it is easy to exchange if there are three.

I purchased a cheap product because it is a less frequently used tool, but I made it solid and was the best, for the inexperienced Tire exchange Quantity : 1 Set of 3pcs. I think that there are items of.

Thanks to the price, I think that it is easy to use, excellent in durability, good product for Cost performance. We are satisfied with Large, with products that are more comfortable to use than I imagined.

I purchased it because it was cheap for use with Garage.

Physically, Plating is also solid and firm.
However, compared with DRC, KTC's Tire Lever, the part of Spoon is somewhat thick.
But, as the price is cheap, I hope you cut it to make it easier to use as you like.

There was no particular problem in terms of use. Although there are comments that it is better a little longer, I think that it is rather difficult to use what is too long.

Purchased for Tire exchange DIY of SEROW 225. Rear tire 's bead was hard to fall off with this Lever alone, but it was sufficiently helpful in removing it. However, as Rim protector breaks momentum. * It probably is not familiar. Tire exchange including tool purchase Cost, based on the hobby taste of exchanging Tire by oneself
I think that it was good to purchase.

I did the first Tire exchange, but this product was never used other Lever Debut - It became Lever. I can not say anything because there is no comparative product, but I think that it is easy to use.