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Merek Top

A hard shell is more smallish and a little narrow.
Opening is attached to a helmet if it is so minded.
I think whether to be the ventilation like an old rapide mu factor, although it is not yet summer.
The direction which has a margin in money, and those who use for a long time by one had better buy RX7.

It is a design of the highest [ party / yamaha ].

Are out of stock. Till when is it publishing?
It is the purpose of increasing the number of membership registration in response to an empty order. It is unpleasant. It is a company.

I fit firmly.
To the extent that it is not wearing It is light.

It is the highest anyhow!!
With lightness and no feeling something to say of a hold.

Великолепный шлем по очень выгодной цене! Превосходное качество исполнения, отличная внутренняя отделка, прекрасные материалы, очень богатая комплектация! А данная раскраска еще и очень красивая! Супер! Теперь только гарнитуру Sena 10u купить и поставить. Жаль, не нашел в Вашем магазине! А в остальном - лучший шлем из всех, что я использовал за многие годы, очень продуманная конструкция и идеальное качество изготовления. Я давно о нем мечтал, а тут открыл для себя Ваш сайт! Прекрасная работа! И служба поддержки помогала мне оперативно и компетентно. Очень доволен, что нашел Ваш магазин! С удовольствием обращусь еще! Gorgeous helmet at a very competitive price! Excellent workmanship, excellent interior decoration, excellent materials, very rich equipment! And this coloring is also very beautiful! Super! Now only the headset Sena 10u buy and put. Sorry, not found in your store! And in the rest-the best helmet of all that I have used for many years, very thoughtful design and perfect workmanship. I have long dreamed of it, and here has discovered your site! Great job! And the support service helped me quickly and competently. Very pleased that found your store! I will gladly turn again! translated by Microsoft translator

I used SHOEI's Helmet twenty years ago
However, after Rapide V and SZ α, ARAI for a while
I used Helmet.

I thought about newborn full face helmet, variously
As I was thinking, wait until ARAI's new XD comes out
Or OGK's Aero Blade 5 or SHOEI Z-7
To study.

Aero Blade 5 worries about Ratchet buckle
So dropped out of candidates.
DRing is more used.
Because XD does not see the actual thing...
Z-7 was Sale, so I felt like I was covered, so buy it.

Where to become anxious after using
Opening the mouth Ventilation, this is still modern
Boomerain and the sound of the wind can be obtained to the extent I think it is Helmet
Is here..
Also, I am concerned that the interior will be displaced when detaching.

Other than the mouth Ventilation, Pin Lock Seat and
Emergency tabetc. I like it..

Overall it's good, so I think it's a matter of preference.
Personally making and feeling of security may be preferred by ARAI

Ну что сказать о Шое? Говорить в принципе не о чем, всё давно расписано в статьях и блогах. Шлем отличный! Осталось воткнуть в него гарнитуру от Сены и тогда будет вообще счастье! Well, what about Shoi? There is nothing to talk about, everything has long been written in articles and blogs. The helmet is excellent! It remains to stick a headset into it from the Seine and then there will be happiness in general! (Translated by google translation)