my case -- -- is it touch as Massey rather than doing nothing?
The admiration to which exhaust gas, dust, etc. are sticking to be sure is as it is, so that it purchases if I think that it is natural and considering a price the condition of important hay fever is not improved, although it is ...
Now, before purchasing this product, it is a measure of a from, and the disposable mask is carried out under the face mask for protection against the cold.
(Since this is not more stifling) Although I think that there is individual difference, in the direction out of which the condition of the itchiness of nasal mucus and eyes comes especially by change of air temperature (temperature), I think that an effect is unsatisfactory.

It purchases at a special price.

It is cheap but has good texture, and it helps the wind protection of the neck. However, I felt it was awkward when I suffered from myself in the big Large head. I covered it when I was covered, I felt the Cap part covering my head loose.

I will always refer to your impulse, so I occasionally write Impre.
The face mask here has a moderate Fit feeling, windproof Material that does not pass the wind Windproof effect is quite high.
The cloth is Koshi or Hari and it is a little hardened.
Since the part of Mesh has become a rough Mesh in order to increase the breathability, there are some wind invasions from here, but it is not enough to be patient.
It is definitely a TradeOff with Shield's cloudiness prevention.
Noteworthy things to be able to use even with full face helmet thanks to its shape and hardness of the fabric.
If it is a soft material, it gaps to Sheng Large when suffering Helmet, but this is enough for the Small limit Gap so it is OK to pick up from the eye side and fix it.
Our head is never Small with L Size, but Size feeling is slightly loose even at Velcro's adjustment Limit.
It may be too loose for women and small face ...
Because it is a very good product, not S Free Size - M - I want you to expand L and Size.
Personally, Must-have item in cold season is fixed!

I flew up because it was cheap at Sale, but I think that there is room for improvement in terms of functionality.
The biggest problem is stuffiness. mouth - A hole for ventilation etc in the fabric of the nose part etc etc. There is not, because it is made of cloth of the same thickness as other parts, so much air comes in not included. It is important to warmth, but sucks in the nostrils depending on the warrior, even with just fitting in the room it will soon become difficult.
one more point. It is made for a long time so that the neck part becomes Neck warmer, but since it is the same thickness as the neck all the time, it will not fit in under clothes just by motivating, and on the neck of Jacket I will interfere and become jama.
I think that it is better to make the neck part a bit shorter or spread out the hem so that it follows the line of the shoulder to some extent. I am thinking to put a slit in the side of the neck.
The good thing is that the fabric of windproof is added to the front part of the neck.
Not only Motorcycle but also hopefully I wanted to apply it to skiing, but I am not feeling like it is stuffy to use.

Really, the jaws, the neckline is not cold. I will not let the wind through.
The inside bore is also like a blanket and good. Head is pretty thin so it does not feel strange even if it wears Helmet.
I am head but it is Size I. HelmetSize is 6
It is XL of about 0 cm.
So the person whose head Size is Small may be harder to use because the head cloth is too much.
The whole face of the neck is slightly shorter. A little three-dimensional long and perfect! On the contrary the fabric is bulky behind.
For a forward leaning Motorcycle ride it may get in the way of interfering with Helmet.
However, wind does not pass at all.
However, because I can not pass the wind, I can not breathe if I cover all my nose to me. (Lol)
For reference photos. Height 174 cm Weight 74 kg Head Size is about 59 cm.

Although it was the first full face mask, it is easy to use
I did not pass the winds rather than saying it was not cold at 2 o'clock in the morning.
I do not know if others can be washable only by hand washing - - -.

I have long wanted to buy this product. Since the visor was constantly misting in a helmet in cold weather and warmer in the face. After the purchase, everything became as it should: the glass does not sweat, the face does not freeze in cold weather, and it also reduces the amount of dirt in the road. I recommend to all . Good luck with your purchases. Thank you.