Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

-- PROTOOLS:super tie down belt (with ratchet function) product number: -- two TOOL037 merchandise-information goods details set belt width: -- 25-mm overall-length: -- it is a high-class type with a 1600-mm ratchet --

-- DRC:hybrid lamp straight type product number: -- D36-41-115 merchandise-information goods details size: -- 20 cm x 150-cm withstand load restrictions: -- it is the lightweight loading ramp borne by the way of thinking new 210 kg.
With the combination of the resin panel developed by new technique, and an aluminum extruded material, it succeeded in the weight saving from the conventional loading ramp made from aluminum.
The withstand load engine performance of a resin panel is enough, and it can bear the weight of an off-road motorcycle calmly.
With the form of the design only for a motorcycle, it is proud of preeminent sense of stability.
The rubber is stuck on the flesh side of the plate hung on a transporter, and a transporter is not damaged.
The best size can be chosen as its transporter by abundant size deployment.

-- IRON-ROCK:extension belt product number: -- vehicle type wide use color: corresponding to 81-9174 merchandise information -- the extension belt which is useful when the hook of a purple goods details tiedown belt is not directly hung on a car body.
With the lineup of abundant color variationses, it appears by the two-set set for which it is easy to ask.

Прорезиненные крючки. Очень качественно сделано! Крепежные ленты сделаны качественно, не лохматятся, как бывает со многими. Rubberized hooks. Very high quality made! Fastening tapes are made qualitatively, not lohmatjatsja, as happens with many. translated by Microsoft Translator

It is strong enough if it is a moped such as NS-1.
I tried raising and lowering while straddling the Motorcycle, but it was possible without problems.
However, Chinese Buggy was a bit short of width, so we could not use it because Tire protruded slightly.

Sorry to have a bit of BALI in part.
Since there is a little weight, it is a dangerous category of products to pinch your hands.

I think that it is sufficient quality if it is for Motorcycle.

I used this product in my previous car, and I was satisfied. I bought the car again and ordered it again. Luxurious white light. The amount of light was also satisfactory, and the car was passed without any problems even when it was inspected.

I think that there is no loss by buying it for the time being because it is cheap.
I use Transporter because it is narrow so I use it to shrink it and feed it down.
Of course I did not use something like something like winding on Inner Tube lol

I bought a TRIAL car to load it in the Transporter.
I use it fixed on Concrete panel.
I am concerned about the strength in the horizontal direction a little, but I am loading straight, so there is no effect.
It is a function priority part, so I think that it is sufficient.