Overhaul Kit Kaliper

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

since the BMW team of WSBK is also used, it is safe and a style is also simple -- me -- since it was liking, it purchased.
It is that it is possible to stop damage at worst since the distance of a lever can be easily changed with the screw on the lever left as an advantage and also it is a retractable type at the time of a fall.
Attachment is completed without it taking 10 minutes.
use of the retractable lever came out for the first time, like the retractable step of a motorcycle, also at the time, when the lever moved, it was usually imagined, but it has fixed with the bolt in practice and falls till a fall.
Although it is a little uneasy in whether it falls perfectly at the time of a fall, I would like you to finish, if it is being able to do without confirming (^_^;) Although it was good in lightness or a design, in consideration of a little expensive point, it was considered as four stars.

It purchased as an object for exchange of a grand axis.
Purer [ black ] on a photograph.
The bottom is a purchase.
Although attachment is OK, die length is a little short.
Since there was nothing in a conformity vehicle type, it is natural.
Since the hand is small, my furniture is good.
I also want the left.

Test Ogawara

it attaches to Ninja250R -- it did! Attachment is also easy.
Although appearance is also good, when it falls, in order to prevent a lever bending, the axis of a lever is working and this is effective.
(When GOKE [ I / stood and ], only the abrasion of a lever is required by the favor which was functioning perfectly!) The rest is also good to be able to adjust the angle of a lever!

It is used for KLX125.
Although it is high, there is worth of that.
Texture is also very high and an operation feeling is also good.

Since the adjust function was attached, it exchanged.
It can adjust to oneself liking and becomes easy to operate it, and an appearance parenthesis is good and admiration may come out custom.

Since it was likely to become obstructive on the occasion of hand guard attachment when it was a normal lever, it purchases.
Appearance good is carried out by beautiful processing, and it is 縲?
Fine regulation of grip width is also possible.
Safe also at the time of a fall, since a crease preventing function occurs.
When there was a function in which the power which grasps a clutch is assisted, in addition, it was good.

Although there is liking by people, texture and a feel are also quite good to be able to change the angle of a lever, without changing the play which I compare pure and regard as much good.
It is regrettable not to be fastened unless a thin spanner has a lock nut of the bolt which determines the angle of a lever depending on the angle of a lever.
They will be five stars if there is no it.