Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

If this nail's Seal setting correspondence width, it is possible to correspond to Front fork of the current Big bike which is done when asked by acquaintance, a thin old car of Fork which is riding in Main. Also, maintenance of Mini bike is enough for PVC pipes, but it is convenient because it can handle even the smallness to that extent.

It is Size which is not troublesome to keep and it is OK as it is not a frequent tool so keep it outside the tool box.

I think that it is desirable OEM tool exclusively for car model, but I purchased this product because it does not reach me because it is expensive and poor.

If OEM tool, 1 Size 20,000 yen.
However, this product has 10 Size 8 thousand yen.

You should know how cheap it is!

Precision? BALI? Difficult to use? Wounds?

A poor man would not say such a thing!

Devices and Ideas and Processing.

Let's use technology acquired only because of poor.

Oil seal When driving, to Inner Fork Masking tapeetc. It is hard to get hurt by winding.
Also, if you set Plastic to DriverBody, it is good to wrap GRU in Gum Tape so as not to gap.

Here, you too are joining the poor.

At first, I thought that I could drive with PVC pipe, I could not drive at all, I purchased this item.
I have never used high ones, so I can not compare ease of use, but I think that it is enough for individual maintenance because it is not Motorcycle shop. However, it is hard to have a little?
This time, I bought it because the Inner diameter is large in OH of Racer of Off car, so we could purchase because there were not much except DRC, but if the diameter is not too big for Fork, even cheaper one, even a cotton PVC pipe But I think I can drive in.

This is THE tool. it allows you to work on almost all fork seal sizes. At least all the present models, plus many vintage motorcycles forks. It\'s the cheaper all over the world. At less than the cost of ONE standard single fork seal size, it gives you TEN sizes tools! No other products are like this at such price. Great product at a great price, with a great service.

Although it was used at the time of the Fork OH, it is easy to devote itself by moderate weight. It is the kana which will not be only the tank for storage if it says by force, and should have been just contained in the Case although it was not dissatisfied in structure or a function.

Although the Fork seal driver of the Manufacturer which is different until now was used, it got to know that there was a thing of the Manufacturer of DRC this time, and purchased. It is quite easier-to-use than old Shield Leiber, and the direction of a handstand Fork considers that it is better to purchase this. Structure is also truly solid and it is quite recommended!!