Pelindung Piringan Rem Cakram

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

For those who are legs long it is the only commercially available model of FOR JAPAN MODEL, TallSize.

I am 184? And inseam 86? It is not a long leg compared with the height comparison, but the basic commercially available Pants for Motorcycle is not enough. Metabolic belly is an anxious body.

On the Catalog of this Chaps is the Inseam 85 ?, but in reality there are 90?. I bought it at a real shop in Kadoya, but all the other MODELs were shorter than this by 5 centimeters..
I myself searched a lot by Net, but I could not find it in FOR JAPAN MODEL sale.

People who are looking for Chaps with high stature are this one choice. Afterwards I think that if you measure the size of your thigh by wearing Jeans and convert it into Inch, there is no problem.
By the way, I was 22-inches.
Let's take a firm measure as Chaps are cool as Tight is cool.

Although I wear it, I bought a Tight Size so bending and knee extension is tough. I grew a lot and it got easier a little. As there is no lining, the Reverse side of the leather became a slip prevention, and it seems to be tight due to the fact that the lower side does not rise when bending and stretching. I'd like to add a lining like leather leather suit by my own work in the near future.

Leather is SoftLaser, but there is thickness. I like HardStir, but since there is only one choice ...
Soft Stare is a scratchy impression.

Waist is adjustable any number of straps.

There is a problem with Length as it is. Will it be a little longer if it goes down a little? No, it is just that.

good point
- So Soft Stare so familiar with leather (Elongation) Is relatively fast
- FOR JAPAN MODEL Commercial Only Inseam 90 ?!

A bad point

- If you want to wear Tight Thighs can be matched, but not too much because the knees are the same thickness (Scheduled to correct thickness if fully familiar)

- So Soft Stare is so easy to get scratched?

I feel it..
Both Texture and Design, Good.
Also, I feel patchy.
Large durable in cold weather as well.

It is currently in July so I do not know the cold weather, but I use it as a heat countermeasure of Exhaust System using Right Side.
Even if you take a walk while you are driving or going down Motorcycle you will not get down on Gap so far.
Knee is a little hard to bend, but it is not enough to remove it one by one.

I bought it for taking a commuter Scooter.
I wanted a Type that sits the entire calf. Previously, I used Type only before there is no back, so I am satisfied with this chap without satisfaction. Coolness of appearance
It is a cold countermeasure patch

I finally met a reasonable Chaps at last! Although it is an Italian motorcycle, it is a best match at the coordinates of the red T-shirt to blue denim, and a black jacket. A function includes surface windscreen, heat protect and crack protect. I will use it heavily in summer. I had Nivea cream coating after I bought for your reference! Let's be a fashionable rider as well as manner.