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Gembok kuat dan suara alarm nya berbunyi sangat kencang. Cukup buat maling kekagetan.. gemboknya sensitive .

It is a disk lock with an alarm function.
Since there is a rumor a thief is sensitive to sound, it purchases as an alarm as a lock.
In the same form, there is what has a raw material without that as right as the thing of all stainless steel.
Since the price was different only about 1000 yen, the all stainless steel which is strong to rust and has reinforcement was chosen.
If a changing battery is not practiced several times, an alarm will resound in a house (smile).

When purchasing without investigating goods exactly, and investigating after purchase, the simple was a type where a water proof fire prevention function and lining cloth are attached and which is not.
Since he is careless, it is unavoidable.
But if water proof carries out a water proof spray since in the case of a motorcycle stops, is under a carport and some wind and rain can be prevented, [ who is dependent on usage ] [ OK ]
It is visible at night, since it is taken over by especially black, it is what [ protecting a motorcycle from dust, and ] motorcycle it being, and making it not turn out to be an appearance object, the purpose of covering is hot, good for crime prevention, and if it says that it is enough, it is enough.

Or [ that using tying with two three is also interesting ]! According to the device of the side to be used, it is very helpful and I think that they are interesting goods.
However, it is although it does not come out even if a wire pulls in the state where it put on the palm ...
The neighborhood thinks that explanation is insufficient.
At first, I thought whether to have been goods of inferior quality.
Since it is user-friendly also when you understand, it cannot be parted with any longer.
True! It can come and is ! really.

Goods are picked out from a package, and although the wire was pulled out, it cannot pull out smoothly for the business of video.
It acts as Locke of the wire first, and although the key tended to cancel, it cannot do.
And it does not escape from a key.
Since it was initial failure, it threw away.

It purchases in order to use by CBR1100XX.
For the time being, since it does not use yet, evaluation is suspended.
It is due to rise from now on.

testtesttest Sonehara

As it is in other reports, it is easy to carry, visibility is also good, and a price is also handy.
I think that it is good to use together with other Locke.