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Ini merupakan alat ratchet handle yang sangat compact ,dengan ukuran tubuh yang seukuran ¼ tetapi memiliki kekuatan di ⅜ dan dengan quick realese sehingga mudah berpindah untuk menggunakan breaker bar sebagai pengencangan akhir

this is a tappet adjuster wrench that is very charming and looks very simple and certainly easy to use. this is great. if we indonesians say it is very "MANTUL"

high quality, fast shipping, great customer service.

Although it was an object for DAX50, it attached to JAZZ.

Since care and cleaning of a chain will become easy if there is this, it is a recommend.

Since it was not so expensive although the substitute was made from DIY, it purchased.
It uses according to a device.

I think that the fine sight user-friendliness as a tool is not different from the air valve tool currently sold at the home center etc.
However, w from which there are the texture and the fine sight as a tool, and the inside of a tool box becomes fashion for a while

the necessaries at the time of tampering with a motorcycle or maintaining -- if there is even this, it turns out immediately that where is stopped how and where has fitted in like this etc. (^^)