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The Kowa Oil Level Gauge helps you to perfectly set up the float level of your carburetor. It's an easy thing: the more accurate the set up is done the better your motorcycle runs.

Until now it was Vernier calipers but it's just a special tool and it's nice to use.
I think that it will be a lot of time reduction if you adjust 4 stations or so.

I have measured it by MAJOR so far but this time I tried to buy it because it leaked from One Side.
It can measure accurately.
Honda OEM, Kowa Seiki Quality is good

Although it was a near visual doubling grade using ruler before, it is correctly measurable now.
It cannot be parted with any longer.

Although appearance becomes showy, it slides in an Oil at the time of an oil change, and it is hard to turn it, although temperature also understands it, and it looks at the quantity of an Oil, an Oil gauge is hard to try to shine.

It purchased to setting of the carburetor.
I think that it becomes easy to issue positive setting since the count of jets changes under the influence of a fuel-level height.
It is recommended.

Although a use has only the time of O/H of a carburetor, it is a recommend at oil level adjustment!

Since it purchased and saw and measured to the exact numerical value although measured with the carpenter's square until now, it was saved.
He repents that I should have purchased earlier.