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Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Since care and cleaning of a chain will become easy if there is this, it is a recommend.

I purchase a new car and prepare it with Chain cleaner for Maintenance. (2018 NINJA 2 Helmet 50R waiting for delivery) Do not wait..

Although it is currently in use by other company Chain brush, the feeling is also conscientious feeling and the touch feeling seems to be strong without anxiety.
Chain brush I used in the past was hard to use as I thought as a part of the brush got off quickly but this time Chain brush did not seem to touch it. I am looking forward to using Brush now because it is out of use!

I think that it is very good quality.
When I used it for my '14 Grom, the part of Brush was relatively large and the Body part around it was interfered with the Motorcycle side and it was hard to use (>_<)
Since it is U-shaped it is ideal from three directions (Chain's SIDE back and & Roller up & SIDE front) I hope to polish, I wonder if Size does not fit for Small pretty motorcycle like Grom?
If it's a full size Motorcycle, ease of use will change depending on the gap around Chain ...
As I did not suit Gromm, I think I will give it a try at DAYTONA 675 R that is riding in Main next time, but the person who blows Cleaner briefly over time with teeth Brush and carefully polished, finally seems to be finished cleanly after all I do not know. (^_^;)

Until now I was using a third-party manufacturer, but the brush part was easy to disengage and it was bad to use, so I bought it this time. I tried using it and I am satisfied without coming off. I will try to see how durable it is as a product.

Brush, Cost performance is perfect.
I think that Chain brush will use it where there is a space where there is space to check the play of Large Chain, but if this angle of the handle is chained it is a bit difficult for the inner side of the chain to do it, so the angle of the handle is 45 degrees or like a ladle like 90-degrees I think that it is very good if it becomes.

I think that Chain brush of the same shape is coming out from other Manufacturers, but like this it rubs three directions at the same time.
I did not compare it with others, but I tried using it, but rather than using Brush in three directions, it was easier to do with ordinary worn-out Ha Brush so I lowered the evaluation. (If you are a good person, are you going to master it?
In my case, I carried out the work after curing so that dirt did not splash around the area to be cleaned, but the area around Chain became narrower and the big Head of Brush got in the way.

Up to now I have gotten a few on the Motorcycle, but it is my first time to use Chain brush. Tooth that I do not need until now Brushetc. Although I have been using, this time Brush which I purchased this time was able to clean at the same time on three sides, the work was beautiful on three sides without taking much time for my work. What have you been doing so far ... I think that purchase price was cheap and could be bought at the same time together with shortening work time!