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I am using YAMAHA YZF-R3. The handlebar is perfectly work on my bike and also it is not difficult to set up. But this product is not heavy(quite light). So when I am driving. It may appear a little shake.

I replaced the standard handlebars on my Honda CB400SF with these. I had them professionally fitted and they had to drill holes as per specifications in the factory handlebar. I adjusted the angle as I wanted it and had perfect tank clearance. It looks great, the handling is awesome and the bike feels like a weapon on the roads. I would recommend getting the hurricane bar end weight balancers along with to take care of the vibration, the standard weights are useless. The factory handlebar had these installed.

First I watched the goods I received.
With packing just wrapped in PetitPetit, what kind of Handlebar is inside it!.
Personally I thought that products that were properly packaged will arrive. Lol
I tried opening it, I was relieved. The finish of Handlebar is very Beauty.
It's light and it feels good.
I am worried that I do not know what it is like to fix the hang angle 6 degrees
I bought it, but even 6 degrees enough I personally think.
Here I attached this Handlebar to make Separate handle FTR
I like it very much.
So if you say, the shape of Bolt you are using is good, but Material is
Plated Steel?. Stainless bolt may be better if you consider rusting etc.

KATANA obtained at a young age. Even though the years passed, the body shape changed without changing the Motorcycle, the forward tilting posture became tight. Up Handlebar is unexpected. I reached the 3D Handlebar according to my Image.
Motorcycle has passed for 27 years, OEM Parts Number also began to stand out. This Handlebar will also be stocked in the Large thing until Trouble occurs in the current item.

I exchanged because other company's Separate handle would interfere with Tank.
Since HURRICANE can adjust the angle and height, the interference also disappeared.
Unlike other company 's Separate handle, I climb up from the Clamp part once and I think that there is little interference with Meter.
I just do not like Bar End's Gold and exchange it with Universal's ColorBar End.

Although it is a change from Bar handle, it was HURRICANE because it was experienced that hitting Tank or hanging angle was too strong if it was a Handlebar from another company.
Since there is an angle from Clamp slightly, depending on the type of car, it may come into contact with Meter.
Although I had a fall in the preceding car, I thought it was Tough Handlebar..
The price is also cheap so it is the best.

My favorite car, GSX 1100 S KATANA, is a tough forward mock Motorcycle. The rider also passed the age of fifty age, and when I was young I changed my body shape. It is this Handlebar Set that we arrived at a long distance and burdened the arms and I managed to find out what it would be.. I did not expect to make Up Handlebar, so I chose this 3DHandlebar to maintain a form close to De Kill Dake NORMAL.

Very good product. Makes the bike feel much more sporty. Easy to install. Also makes the bike look much more street fighter and cool. sugoi