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In terms of performance, it is easy to use according to the Title, I like Design. However, the FOX character and the white part of the wrist can be burned with ultraviolet rays and brown becomes discolored in one day. The fox part is unnecessary because it does not discolor whether the material is different.
Things that I purchased at a different store previously were also exactly the same, so it seems that it is not an individual difference.
I can not recommend it for those who care about their appearance like themselves.

Where I arrived and went to Touring as soon as it arrived. Within 30 minutes the part of White Rubber turned yellow and turned color. I bought 6000 yen and bought a new item but it is disappointing that it got turned into a bad second hand product in no time. When the difference between Yellow Bali and other White part is Large, every time I see it, Tension rattle falls!

Previously I used Asterisk. I feel defeated by wrapping. However, this one is cooler.

I started to use this 5 years from 1 or 2 every evening from 3 years ago it will not take once a month
It is riding in SundayRiderLevel and it has a long lasting long term
I understand that it is a special Material, but Quantity : It feels like 7000 yen at 2pc is slightly higher.
It is caution that screws that are desorbing but are outdated
You can lick the Torque-like Bolt when removing it without turning the included special screw. Because I could not remove it even if I cooked with Wrench with instantaneous adhesive, I took Sleeve together with a thin Drill.
Just a new one Included Parts : It comes as if I had anticipated that it could not be removed unless it destroyed.

I can firmly stop at 3 places and it is very good without Gap.
It's a bit expensive, but I just have to agree. If there is Alpinestars in this Type (CE Standard product) It was still better..

Every time the plastic parts of the Knuckle part of the Right hand operates the Brake lever, it hits the forefinger and middle finger and it hurts quite a bit ...
It was a shame because it was not cheap.
Although I purchased M Size, my finger part is made longer than M Size of other Manufacturer. Especially Small fingers are long.

I used it for repairing K300. Knee Cup could not be installed using parts of Black Hinge part.
In order to install, either cut off the nail to the knee Cup or cut out the hole of the Hinge part! You must process either. It is not a matter of shaving nails, but it is troublesome, so we used old parts as they were. Order to be assembled etc. etc. I think that there is something that specifies.
It is a little disappointing that it does not suit properly although it corresponds to MODEL.

I bought Black Wear, so I made this with color matching, I am using Large body XL because the fingers are a bit long, but there is nothing quite right with the feeling of palm palm, and I am using Alpine Star's XL I was using, I heard that O'Neil is a little Large texture, I tried purchasing L Size, the back of my hand is too cool for January's temperature, but for course I run a course I'm durable Large, palm He is fluffy and soft and hard to hurt even when traveling long, Lever operation It is easy to use, it is still used once, but I like the strength of the seams, but I think that it is good to consider the price.