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Pertama kali melakukan pembelian di webike indonesia , sangat puas dengan pelayanan CS nya Dan produk yang di jual juga sesuai keinginan ; produk bagus . Terimakasih webike Indonesia , sukses selalu

It is very good for it to be visible to a slim.
Storage is possible for a compact.

Although the overpants was used until now, he wanted to connect with a jacket and it purchased.

[ [or / there were 2011 /] ] Considering a price, it is very warm.
Wearing is also easy and it is recommended.

It is as a brand name a compact.
Since there is no lining cloth, it is fluent, but waterproofness has no problem.
I think that it is the selection best as portable rain gear of touring.
LL was purchased by 75 kg 178 cm, and it wore on summer Jacquet, and was an exact size.
Since a problem stores in a compact, it is put into a bag fairly forcibly.
Therefore, the stitch of a storage bag has split.
Although it can still use, the substitute in a bag is looked for.

Although it was used for some time, since degradation progressed, it replaced.
Since I am a type which certainly brings rain gear when I go for touring, storage nature is the most important portion.
Truly, in the case of a heavy rain, although some osmosis is carried out, with most rain, it is satisfactory.
What it is easy to put on on it, and a tough leather jacket besides a battle suit is pleasing.
The thing in which the mesh is used for the back side is caught and irritated when wearing.
It is important by rainy weather that it can wear quickly.
It is better to attach an easy hood from now on..

[buying motive] The product ] which was seen as the candidate besides [point which got interested] [, [after-use comment], [comprehensive evaluation]

Since the goods which were being used for about ten years deteriorated, it made.
it is this, although it was simple, and was not bulky and the strong and smart thing was looked for -- since the goods ! were not able to be encountered, this product was used after all.
from the first -- a kadoya -- Although it is that it is favorite .. it is strong anyhow!