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I was looking for SP Tadao and OX Silencer, but it was too expensive even in the second hand market, I first purchased this Manufacturer.

Tail Pipe, Flange Gold gold parts are Material : Aluminum (CNC processing) I also have solid firmness and luxury. Weight is also 470 g and is light. Oak stations etc etc. Silencer of thousands of yen that I often see in this place is crappy, so there is a difference only in price. Although it is a straight structure, it is good to miss, but since muffling is working firmly, it is not a bomb sound, but a good sound quality - It is preferable in volume.

High quality Replace items of JAPAN are difficult to obtain, so I think that it is a precious existence. Parts of Made in Thailand was the first time but I am satisfied with very high quality.

*TZr250 (1KT) It was attached to the Ishii Exhaust Chamber, but the PCD on the Exhaust Chamber side was slightly wider, so it was necessary to scrape down the Flange hole on the Exhaust Chamber side by 1 mm inward.

We installed KN project Exhaust System with LIVE DIO. The installation accuracy was also perfectly packed with the OEMExhaust System that had been attached before, the acceleration feeling was completely different. The truly regrettable thing is that the sound is shrill. OEMExhaust system is preferred for sound. If you give priority to Cost performance I definitely recommend you.

Since the original exhaust-gas cleanup Exhaust System was rusted and clogged, it was also cheap at Sale and replaced.
Sound is like 2st sound (I do not feel noisy) Since setting is not issued, the speed is unknown, but it is reasonably good feeling.

However, since the included Gasket Small Size is good, I use GITSET manufactured by KITACO.

I bought it by saying that it is a counterpart at this site, but the hole of the Plate for fixing does not match with the Engine side
Furthermore, Exhaust Chamber does not fit into the hole because it does not match delicately with the Engine side.
In the end to forcibly put damaged Gasket.
Spare Gasket and liquid Gasket painted and fixed somehow.
However, the hole for fixing with the Frame is also shifted, and even though the Bolt diameter is different
None included.
Nothing good so far at the moment, it is a brand new with the strongest mention (Naturally)
Be amazed before evaluating performance.
Doubtful whether it is really a counterpart, overseas quality overseas

Because the exhaust system which does not know whether it is OEM which was originally attached was clogged, it is also inexpensive.
Although the sound certainly rises higher than the OEM type, it is not so much as saying that it is May, but it is not problematic even if you use it for commuting at work.
Just paint is sweet so heat resistant Spray is required before installation (Let's stop closing your eyes so much as this price is cheaper w)

Change from PROain Kill's Stainless Up Exhaust Chamber, PRO Kill has only Manufacturer manufacturing and selling a lot of Exhaust Chamber of Off-road motorcycle, it is low and medium speed Torque, Pickup emphasis Exhaust Chamber, Torque fully riding Although it was easy, I wanted to have characteristics that it seemed a bit more like two strokes I changed it to this Exhaust Chamber, UpExhaust Chamber is aware that Down chamber is better above UpExhaust Chamber, is upholding UpExhaust Chamber.

carburetorSet is from the time of PRO Kill Main jet 2. 5 Aperture Air Screw 1 / While in use with two rotation stop, the power band moved from 6000 to 8500, 8000 to 11000 and above, the lower Torque is thin as a matter of course, this is a problem of future carburetor set, against the upward rise It is wonderfully nice, you can use up to 12000Over if you have a low GEAR, just like the faces of the second strike ♪

Volume is much quieter than PRO Kill, the kinkin sound is reduced, I am thankful that warmth can not be left unhurried, but I wonder if it sounded a little more..

Weight is PRO ___ SAFETOKI 2740 g, a light weight ♪ even if subtracting KRS 2351 g and Oil adhesion ♪

So far SEA BASSRGV 250 Γ (VJ23A) HondaNSR250R
(MC28) I was on board.
Γ - When I was NSR I was enjoying with Full normal.

When returning last summer, the current car TZr 250 R
(3XV Full normal car) Enjoy Touring and buy Exhaust Chamber, the real thrill of 2-Stoke
I thought that I wanted to experience and exchange, purchase DogFire RACING's Exhaust Chamber (Purchase is a certain Motorcycle supplies store Sorry for Webike)

Compared with OEMExhaust Chamber before installation, it is light first
I thought that it would contribute to the weight saving of Motorcycle just by surprise exchange.
Although it is the impression that it ran after installing, if it is replaced with ReplaceExhaust Chamber, it seems that it will be hard to handle the low speed range
I thought, but there is not much difference compared with OEM, and at 5000 to 8000 revolutions Power - Both Torque up and go from 8000 rpm to full power at a stroke along with Racing sound, becoming full power, with Exhaust Chamber exchange For the first time experiencing sudden change, while power up
The power band becomes wider, which makes it easier to handle,

I can not say that Exhaust Chamber itself is inexpensive
Finish welding of Stainless Steel Exhaust Chamber - It is good to buy it if you see the texture.

Demand is considerably reduced compared to the old days Even now it is very appreciative that we are producing the Exhaust Chamber
Well, I thought that I wanted to work hard.

Installation of Aluminum Bracket broke at the place where I ran about 300 km for several days after installation.
Fixed with Belt for loading that I had and later made my own Bracket with Steel.
If it is Aluminum, there is a high possibility that it will be broken by Gold genus fatigue by vibration, so if you think about purchasing, I think that it is better to consider Bracket separately.
I was able to reinforce immediately as soon as I realized that I was still lucky, but if I keep running without noticing, there is a danger that it will be possible for the Exhaust System to break away from the base Flange portion.
Actually it seems that some people broke at high speed.