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If it cannot attach unless it extracts a front fork ... Although the kit for FZR400R was bolt-on, does the object for R1-Z need experience!!

Kawasaki W650 99-year vehicle When an 80-km or more speed was gathered, the car body swayed right and left and was also seldom able to take out the highway very dreadfully.
Then, when the purchase attachment (although it was unclear description about 1.5H completion) run of this kit was carried out, tracking improved like a lie in former.
I think that a speed can be gathered to the full even if high-speed now.
It was very good shopping.

ใส่กันสะบัดแล้วดีมากครับขับเร็วนิ่งดีครับไม่เมื่อยแขนเลย ผมทำความเร็ว 140-160กิโลเมตรไม่มีหน้าส่ายเลย I do not know how to do it. 140-160 km, no pages to shake, no page at all. (translated by google translation)

I introduced the increased opportunities to run on the expressway to the aircraft.
I know only Steering Damper of the past "Do you get in the way to get on the street?" I was worried, but I was betrayed in a good way. It does not disturb SelfStir at all, as long as Notch is made weakest. You do not have to be conscious of what you are attaching.
Since the initial movement of Stroke is good and there is no useless play, turning Dial intends to make it effective, it will follow properly. As expected, Front's security feeling increased at high speeds, resulting in a reduction in fatigue as a result.
The difficulty ... When purchasing with Bracket 7 Yukichi, it is a gold amount that can not be easily brought out even if I know it.
later, "Because it's a bit cheap" It is not to accidentally purchase a CSC Type. I felt that around here, Webike should put the explanation neatly.

Although installation requires some processing, it can be installed easily and split, it is outstanding effect on the old car body.
I was also attached to the previous car body, but it is Recommendation.

This is one of the best performance upgrade purchase for your W800. It's simple, small, delicate, and doesn't ruin the classic look of your w800. The knob is easily adjustible and can even be done with one hand while riding. The 8 settings are more than enough to stabilize the front end of the bike up to 180kmh. I find that the 5th position is adequate for speed riding. There is only 1 thing that I need to substrate 1 star from which is a very lousy manual. How come a product with such precision comes with the instructions manual that looks like fax quality and barely readable. My inkjet printer does 10 times better job. NHK, please improve!

Small, compact and beautiful. Very easy to install. Try driving at speeds that are more stable than ever. Suitable for w800

Purchased this for my CBX550F (same as the cbx400f) fitting was very straight forward I liked the Quill bolt head stem fitting much neater than a clamp to the fork. Damper has 5 click adjustment, that is not in product discription but I figured it must have and I was right.Over all very pleased.