Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

A helmet is fitted that it is easy to wear.
Although coming out to a course purchased for the purpose, I think that I will try also on touring.

They are necessaries at kawasaki riding.
Although the design of a one point's green and the character of kawasaki which is not too showy were pleasing and bought black, sunlight is larger and it finds it useful summer.
Since it certainly wears after removing a helmet, it is always carrying around.
However, a raw material should somewhat fold up by slight hardness.

Last time : AK-002, AK-091, AK-093, AK-090 This time : AK-094
When I went to Touring, I bought it for trial as it was among the recommended goods.
Merit is that the hair does not collapse and that it can be used as it is as Knit cap.
Therefore, because the tightening is Loose feeling and the Size is Large, in Helmet, there is a sense of dampness. Besides, there is a possibility that the Inner of Helmet may become loose because the fabric is thick, unlike what I wore so far. Now, this is the status quo.

Last time : AK-002, AK-091 This time : AK-093
Last time, since it was divided into two from the sweetness of sewing, purchase products that are not sewn as much as possible.
At the moment of suffering, only half of the ears were covered and abandoned.

Last time : AK-002, this time : AK-091
I bought it because I can prevent sunburn by stretching to the ear to cover my ears.
However, the thread unraveled apart within a month.
I will search and report next.

When I went to Touring for the first time, I felt it was cool.
It was the moment when one person was aware that it was different.
Quantity : 1 Set of 2pcs. I am happy.
Even though it can be used alternately every day, it dries soon after washing.
I just wanted to have a single point that covered my ears, so I ended up with One Season.
The fabric is strong and was originally still usable.

New Era 59FIFTY's BlackGoldLabel 100% Polyester - By Size - It is Made in China..
In the image it looks like the collar has Round, but with a perfect flat brim, the Tsuba is one color Orange.
Emblem of GFX is Material : Is Plastic.
Size is the same as other New Era. I'm preventing sweat bleeding and adjusting the size with Liner of the sweat stopper. People who dislike sweat stains in the summer Liner is a necessity item.
All the currently owned New Era is Made in China, but there are experiences of something wrong with Wool's thing. Roughly, it seems that Large is durable this time.
Gold amount is higher than NORMAL New Era even in COSPA.

Material is mainly chemical fiber, so it is lighter and Fit feeling is comfortable to wear. Particularly because the brim is Large, the light blocking effect is Large.