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115cc Bore up for purchase to improve cooling performance.
There is a decoration in the Compact Package and it looks nice.
The price is also conscientious.

However, I fixed the cooler Core 's Bracket under the Tank so as to embrace the Frame, but since Bolt' s head and Nut to Penetrating the Frame to fix it came in a position to interfere with the Tank, at the bottom of the Tank As the hole opens, Gasoline leaks out.
When I called SHIFT UP, I asked you to change it to Button bolt so as not to repair and open the hole in Tank and handle it carefully.

Performance is not very cool.
Oil hose was taken out from Crankcase, but the oil temperature which went up during running does not decrease almost.

Until I bought this Oil cooler I used Oil cooler made by SHIFT UP,
Almost not to be cooled.
I bought this Oil cooler after considering the replacement by Bore up to 125 cc.

Anyway Core area is wide. I mounted it and ran about 200 km,
In the past, the oil temperature which had risen to about 130 ° C at 115 cc was around 110 ° C this time.
First time "Oil cooler" I felt the thing called.

Small stone etc picked up at Front tire etc. Because it is a position to hit directly, we hope to commercialize Core guard if possible.

First of all Core is in a state of serious condition.
Once checking the flow of Oil flow is too bad - - - Even if I put in the air, I feel that there is a sense of resistance and it becomes considerably resistant at the viscosity Oil.
In use with high rotation Engine there may be a possibility that the circumference of Oil is bad and it will be stuck.

We attached 5 stage type to our CUB 90 reform 105 cc as measures against heat sag.
Bolt's material is Penetrating to Camshaft Cover Long thing is Stainless Steel, all others are Steel. Installation accuracy is perfect. Oil There is no leakage.
OEMPlug wrench can also be used for 5 steps.
Power down was not bothered even when the temperature was maintained at a high temperature of around 30 degrees for a long time.
I can not say anything because I do not have an Oil Temperature Gauge, but I think that the oil temperature is not going down. I feel that it is effective for the cooling around the Cylinder head.
It is hidden behind the Leg shield and it looks like a dull, but it is also a good feeling.
Oil line obviously is the opposite of OEM. We panicked a little (Lol)

Even if you see the imprints in various places, plug attachment / detachability, interference between Plug cap and Body etc.. To
I do not see anything that I mentioned deeply, so I will upload what I tried by myself and tried it.

The first image was originally attached Plug cap, NGK LD 05 F.
Even after inserting in a degree that it is hard to fit slightly, it does not make contact with the cooler Body and there is no problem.
Some of them seem to have cut Plug cap and others,
This was no problem.

The second image is a state in which the product specified KTC's Plug wrench, B12P - 16H is inserted.
It is quite rich Clearance at Limit to insert, but this also has no problem.
However, as soon as you relaxed it was necessary to immediately withdraw Wrench and then turn it by hand to remove it.
When tightening the plug, it is useless unless you go through the reverse procedure.
12mm Spanner turning Wrench may also be bad or thick.

For reference, the image engine is equipped with JUN's BFHead, and it is wearing it.
It seems that it does not cause catastrophic interference around the Plug even in 10 steps.

I had left the other review here saying the engine mount doesn't fit, but I guess I had it upside down Morin answered my email message and showed how its supposed to mount But lets remember the blue hose clamp, and the blue trim in the photos mine came red and the hose clamp still fits loose, will slide along the hoses so not really sure the purpose of the clamp as it will just fall down The oil cooler is larger then the super expensive takagawa one made for the z125 I had also purchased that one before make sure to read my review on that one So I like the larger cooler this one has, and I like how large the hoses are and seems like much nicer fittings

the engine mounting bracket does not line up at all with the z125 engine and the way I have pictured was the way the instructions say it has to attach looks like it would use the head bolts on the engine, but on my engine the bracket is too wide Other then the mount not fitting at all everything else is very nice Mine came with a RED hose clamp, not blue shown in the photos and the hose clamp fits very loose., so not sure how your supposed to use it as it will slide down the hose The hoses and fittings are very large in size, which means it will flow a lot of oil. I like that I was able to attach my cooler to the engine using another oil cooler mount (takegawa) which is a really nice adjustable mount But as much as this cooler costs, it would should come with the correct engine mount

The oil temperature increased due to Ksr 100 Bore up, so I installed it. If you cut the Shroud part with Cutter, etc. and direct the wind to the Oil cooler, it becomes easy to cool down. Installation is easy. I think whether it is essential for the summer Bore upksr.