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Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Produk Rekomendasi

Merek Top

Since it was the same as the original manufacturer's product, it was able to use in comfort.
Since attachment is also only exchanged, it is easy.

The orange cover was removed and the bulb here was attached.
It becomes a sharp and is very good touch.

Since a position lamp is in the same housing as a headlight and became a high fever extremely, the white wedge was looked for not by LED but by the incandescent lamp.
It was able to unite with the color of the headlight instead of the color which is yellowish unlike an original manufacturer's product well.

By blinker clear lens-ization of VTR250, since the front was exchanged for the orange ball, an one-piece pack was purchased in reserve.

By blinker clear lens-ization of VTR250, although exchanged for the orange ball, the thing of an one-piece pack was purchased in reserve in the case of the ball piece of RIA.

If compared with a normal valve, redness falls out and it is whitish, but redness remains for a while.
A pale light thinks that it is good for those who are not liking.

Since Wright of the D tiger X was too dark, it exchanged here.
pure, although it is a thing of 40W -- more -- a feeling -- it was a grade of the kana which became bright.
Moreover, it considered, depended and was not white.
I think that I will make it 30/30W of a platinum spark if a ball piece is carried out.

The color which surely is felt bright also becomes more whitish than normal.
Harnesses are exchanged, or a boosting performance can be carried out simply and conveniently rather than raising the quantity of light using a relay.
Considering the price of normal, it is a somewhat complicated feeling.