Racing Hook / Tie-Down Hook

Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

As it is in other reports, it is easy to carry, visibility is also good, and a price is also handy.
I think that it is good to use together with other Locke.

Easy to handle, yet firmly fixing Brake firmly, so it is safe. I think that it is essential Items when it is necessary to stop for a long time at a parking lot for bicycle parking or an eye-catching area. Large is also hand size Size, so we recommend it for Touring.

it works good perfect! 이제 거치대 그냥 놓고 가다녀도 될듯 합니다. 좋아용 배송도 저렴한걸로 했는데 생각보다 빨리 왔습니다. 물론 포장은 말할 것도 없고요. 위바이크 덕분에 용품들 저렴하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다. It is now possible to leave the cradle and leave it. Good I thought shipping was also inexpensive, but came sooner than I expected. Of course not to mention packaging. Thanks to the bikes above, I use the goods well cheaply. (Translated by google translation)

열쇠로 되어있는것을 사자니 비용이 만만치 않고 잠금장치를 안달자니 불안하고 이러나 저러나 마음먹고 뜯을려면 공구로 통채로 뜯어버릴거 같고.. 이런 고민속에 적당한 제품을 발견! 딱 좋습니다. 지나가다가 그냥 충동적으로 훔쳐가기에는 어려워 보이네요. 제가 필요한 용도로 딱입니다. Let's buy what's in the key. I'm nervous about the lock. If you want to do this, you'll be ripping it off with a tool. I found a suitable product in this trouble! It is just right. It seems hard to pass by and just steal impulsively. It is perfect for what I need. (Translated by google translation)

it works good perfect! 이제 거치대 그냥 놓고 가다녀도 될듯 합니다. 좋아용 배송도 저렴한걸로 했는데 생각보다 빨리 왔습니다. 물론 포장은 말할 것도 없고요. 위바이크 덕분에 용품들 저렴하게 잘 사용하고 있습니다.

While attaching Rear Carrier attached work, it never sounded, so it is essentially a theft countermeasure item of the car body.
(It is natural because it is not a vibration sensor .... )
In combination with Chain lock "It looks troublesome" I think that it seems to be.

There are many different choices if it is equipped with Battery, but when it comes to Battery reply Security related is also limited. In such a case this is recommended. Since LED also flashes during operation, it will be better than not being visually. However, it is Alarm that memorizes the slope at the time of Set, so it is better to hang Cover and attach it here as well to prevent mischief. Although it may not be suitable for full-scale crime prevention, I think that it is an easy-to-use product for Battery reply cars.

Set the battery, confirm operation. ON / OFF can also be switched easily "It is usually OFF" And fast wearing.

Between the brake lever and the hand guard was narrow and it was not attached. (Bar center ~ within 130 mm - Outer dimensions : 127 mm) there is a Guard NG.

Car with hand guard Please check the gap and purchase..