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it Fits Perfectly on my custom 100cc Dax 1972, but i have not taste the differences beetwen using the cooler or not, hope its works well

It attaches and easy Cleaning is also easy. It sees and also says a sake.

It was good to attach although pains was taken over color matching.

Oil cooler attachment becomes easy.
A refreshed design is recommended.

A normal hose is an S character-like so that it may not interfere in a tank and a frame, but it is completely straight and its management is poor.
Therefore, there was trouble -- the connection of a radiator in which a tank floats is distorted.
What can be used is only an econo fit.

Since the brake line of stainless mesh nakedness was used until now, it was a difficulty that it was easy to attach a wound to the surroundings.
After attaching this product this time, it became reliable at all.
the touch measure which the start of effectiveness became early lightly [ the touch in the case of breaking ].
Appearance is good looking above all.

It is decoration.

It can be exactly used for the output side of the oil cooler of an ape.