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Fit perfectly on my honda st70 oil cooler 3 fin, i change the blue bolt color from the oringinal minimoto oil cooler to this gold bolt, easy to install, there is some minor about this product, its about the cutting edge of the bolts not straight enough but still can be put perfectly like the oringinal ones, perfect for someone who's looking for some small color modification for oil cooler, now both my motor and cooler have same color theme, thanks!

it Fits Perfectly on my custom 100cc Dax 1972, but i have not taste the differences beetwen using the cooler or not, hope its works well

It attaches and easy Cleaning is also easy. It sees and also says a sake.

It was good to attach although pains was taken over color matching.

Oil cooler attachment becomes easy.
A refreshed design is recommended.

A normal hose is an S character-like so that it may not interfere in a tank and a frame, but it is completely straight and its management is poor.
Therefore, there was trouble -- the connection of a radiator in which a tank floats is distorted.
What can be used is only an econo fit.

Since the brake line of stainless mesh nakedness was used until now, it was a difficulty that it was easy to attach a wound to the surroundings.
After attaching this product this time, it became reliable at all.
the touch measure which the start of effectiveness became early lightly [ the touch in the case of breaking ].
Appearance is good looking above all.

It is decoration.