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High Quality, Nice Mask, Good Good

Good Good Quality, Fit Size , Nice Mask

Good Mask, Fit Size, ...zzzzz

Good Mask, Fit Size, Good quality

my case -- -- is it touch as Massey rather than doing nothing?
The admiration to which exhaust gas, dust, etc. are sticking to be sure is as it is, so that it purchases if I think that it is natural and considering a price the condition of important hay fever is not improved, although it is ...
Now, before purchasing this product, it is a measure of a from, and the disposable mask is carried out under the face mask for protection against the cold.
(Since this is not more stifling) Although I think that there is individual difference, in the direction out of which the condition of the itchiness of nasal mucus and eyes comes especially by change of air temperature (temperature), I think that an effect is unsatisfactory.

It purchases at a special price.

It is cheap but has good texture, and it helps the wind protection of the neck. However, I felt it was awkward when I suffered from myself in the big Large head. I covered it when I was covered, I felt the Cap part covering my head loose.

I will always refer to your impulse, so I occasionally write Impre.
The face mask here has a moderate Fit feeling, windproof Material that does not pass the wind Windproof effect is quite high.
The cloth is Koshi or Hari and it is a little hardened.
Since the part of Mesh has become a rough Mesh in order to increase the breathability, there are some wind invasions from here, but it is not enough to be patient.
It is definitely a TradeOff with Shield's cloudiness prevention.
Noteworthy things to be able to use even with full face helmet thanks to its shape and hardness of the fabric.
If it is a soft material, it gaps to Sheng Large when suffering Helmet, but this is enough for the Small limit Gap so it is OK to pick up from the eye side and fix it.
Our head is never Small with L Size, but Size feeling is slightly loose even at Velcro's adjustment Limit.
It may be too loose for women and small face ...
Because it is a very good product, not S Free Size - M - I want you to expand L and Size.
Personally, Must-have item in cold season is fixed!