Belanja Berdasarkan Model

Merek Top

It is a NOKO cutting-edge set for the routers of a proxxon.
In combination with the router of the company in which it is surprise that treatment starts in Mr. Webike (smile), it is convenient for little work.
Probably, it is good for cutting the thing about a hard with cutters, such as a thin plastic plate and a plastic bottle, just for a moment.
Although there is likely to be no scene used very much in motorcycle relations ... If it can go if wood is also thin, but thickness comes out, it will be based also on Power of the router itself, but it is SHINDOI touch.
Since the cutting edge is thin, it is suitable for cutting a thing without reinforcement, but it is severe in case of a not much hard thing or a thick board.
I think that considering a price it is evaluation of this level.