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Pertama kali melakukan pembelian di webike indonesia , sangat puas dengan pelayanan CS nya Dan produk yang di jual juga sesuai keinginan ; produk bagus . Terimakasih webike Indonesia , sukses selalu

It is shopping in first Webike.
In a mesh, it is cool, and vomits and a feeling is also the highest.

It is touch also with a usage feeling smart appearance and sufficient.

I was trying on KomineTitaniumRACING Gloves Julius at a certain Motorcycle shop but I have been using it for a half year because I have used Gloves now, but falling down with Circuit, Gloves and Leather suit became tattered and it became cheap this time I bought it because it was. Sewing well and leather get familiar with hands at hand. Leather exclusive Oil when brand new When you paint more familiar with your hands. This Recommendation

Winter Gloves So it's impossible to seek much for Fit feeling. Moreover, although it is impossible to seek excessive heat retention, it is a long way to go. I have enough Touring with this.

At the temperature near freezing point, the fingertips become cold in about 10 minutes, but Level which can tolerate because commuting of about 30 minutes on one way is the main use. Waterproof property is satisfactory. It is Soft on the back of the hand, but Protector is attached and it is highly safe. As expected, Komine is seriously expensive and COSPA is expensive.

I bought it for Inner of Winter Gloves.
I was in Impre of the other person, but when I touch Magic tape I get worried about fuzziness, but from the viewpoint of structure
I guess it can not be helped.

I bought it because I liked design looking at store stores.

Recently the popular Knuckle guard is Sponge, basically Mesh Material, so the impression is that if time is scary.
Mesh Material is fuzzing with One Season.

AlpineStar is overseas Brand, so it should be One size Large, but why this MODEL is perfect for Japan Size. It feels rather Small.

Personally I like it.